Possible scam in market/offered

Not sure this is the right place to post this but I couldn’t find how to flag the post or message the moderators directly.

I just replied to the email address in this ad asking for pics of the phone.

I was sent some back that were cropped from images on a german web site (found via google’s reverse image search tool). I have since asked for pics of the warranty and imei number but had no reply. Thought you might like to remove the post or something?


Below each posting in a topic see the three dots. If you click at them, a flag symbol should become an available option for you. :slight_smile: When you click at it, you get several options what to do.


Sorry I still can’t see the three dots :persevere: But I see the post has been taken down anyway.

Thanks for your help!

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Wait i did just have some dots under my post, but it only came up with a delete icon. Maybe i need more privileges to flag things? Anyway its sorted now :slight_smile:

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The post was flagged by someone else.
I hid it and blocked the user from posting again until they provide proof about the legitimacy of their offer.


I guess it’s because you only just joined. Some actions (like posting private messages etc.) require a minimum level of activity before they become available to a new member.

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Yep I’ve just been awarded the ‘basic’ badge so there are three dots under all the posts now :slight_smile:


If you are already certain to join the Fairphone community, feel free to say hello:

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Thx for the hint.
I saw the advertisement and was really suspicious due to the low asking-price.
Just forgot about it.

I really doubt the user will offer proof of legitimacy.

Could the right to flag a post be granted before being basic-user?
As a real newbie has neither right to PM a moderator or flag a posting, this might be a problem, if someone just joins, because he / she stumbled upon a possibly fraudulent posting.
Just an idea.

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I didn’t expect it either, but I see no need for stricter measures as all they can do right now is like posts or PM a moderator.

I think the intention behind this is that nobody can create a few bot-accounts to get enough flags to reach the flag threshold where the post will be automatically hidden.
This is probably more important in forums that are not so heavily moderated as moderators of course can unhide such posts if they don’t agree with the flag.
On the other hand it takes about 10 minutes to become a basic member. And one reason for the trust levels is that you get the most basic forum experience at first and don’t get overwhelmed with functions that come by and by as you progress.


Oh Crap!
Am usually really careful about these things…but was in a hurry to purchase a surprise gift for my partner and hence didn’t do the research. I have actually sent the money to this scamster already…so I guess I can forget about ever seeing that FP2 :cry:
I wonder if like Paypal, there is some protection against fraud for FP community…although in this case I guess it was just plain naive of me to trust this person and continue with the transaction off the forum.
Wish I had seen this thread before…

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Well I’ve never used PayPal, but maybe you can tell them that you were scammed and ask if they can revert the transaction?
I hope the best for you!!

What was your payment method?

  • PayPal: Tell them you were scammed and ask for the “buyer protection”.
  • SEPA bank transfer: Report the scam with the account number to the police. So, you will get the account holder from whom you can claim your money back.
  • Western Union/MoneyGram: That’s bad luck, you will probably never see your money again. Please note: Legitimate sellers will probably not use these services, as they are very inconvenient and expensive. Offers expecting the payment via those services are usually scam.

Already done. Second option - SEPA. Fingers crossed now that something can be claimed. Otherwise lesson learnt (unfortunately the hard way).
Cheers though for the supportive comments.


@himalayan may I ask you which user or market offer you are talking about, so we can do something about it if it’s really scam? Thanks.

Stefan removed the link from the first post.

I know, but without the link how would @himalayan know that their “scamster” is the same as the one talked about in the first post?

The removal happened after himalayan posted here.

@urs_lesse is right:


I removed the link about 4 hours after @himalayan reported the abuse.

Sure it was the one by [Email removed by @Stefan] offering a two month old FP2 for 225 UKP. I don’t see the link now, so am guess it was finally removed. Have made a police report and bank has been alerted.

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