Possible scam in market/offered

Do you have any actual evidence of a scam going on or are you just taking @Richard_Stones’ word for it?

Thanks! Will prevent people from responding to this scam.

The actual evidence is a payment made by me and nothing received in return, other than an old goose chase. Definition of a fraud in my book.

When did you post you payment?

Middle of last month. Have since received mails from the seller saying the parcel has been delivered. Hence transaction complete. Nothing of the sort has been registered here. :open_mouth: Would love to give them the benefit of doubt…but it’s not looking good. Have already filed a police report this end.


If they can see it has been delivered, they have a tracking number. Usually the tracking information includes at least the date it was sent and a postcode of where it is heading. If they cannot provide tracking numbers, they have no proof of delivery. They may have proof of sending instead, which again typically includes the same information. In both cases, if the package is indeed lost, the sender should make a claim with the postal service they’ve used, as they have the contract with them. (What I mean is - their ‘case closed’ attitude is definitely wrong, even if they did send something)

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I fully agree.
They at least have to provide the tracking no.

The parcel may have been delivered to the wrong address/a neighbour etc. but they should have a delivery confirmation nevertheless.
Things might become a bit more complicated, if the shipping originated in a foreign country, as this requires cross-border police cooperation.

I really would be interested to learn what the police is doing.
Have you filed the report online or at the local station?

I really wish you luck.
As the money was transfered via SEPA, it might be just a misunderstanding or one of the cases. where the recipient of the money is a victim as well, as he is used as an intermediary, believing to do just legal work for a foreign business. (I guess you know those spam mails offering jobs with no other prerequisite than having a bank-account :frowning: )

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@Johannes - precisely. I have asked for tracking numbers and a receipt or proof of sending - so far nothing :roll_eyes:
@BertG - I lodged a report at a local police station. They are following it up…with the bank etc. Let’s see what comes out of this…frankly am not too hopeful. It was my stupidity for taking this off the FP forum and emailing them directly - but it always stings when you trust someone and they take you for a ride. Anyway, lesson learnt.


You have my compassion here … whilst I wasn’t burned that bad, I once got fooled (on a fortunately much smaller monetary scale) in a similar way and have a vague idea how it feels :frowning:

I’m feeling with you as well.
It’s simply, that I wouldn’t have expect something like this on this forum, that is centered on helping each other and treating everyone fair and with consideration.
I (at least try to) meet every new user at eye level with an open mind and trustful.
On ebay, amazon and the like I act much more careful and expect scam and fraud right around the corner. Not so here; well, at least up to now. :sob:

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Final evidence of the scam for those interested ( @paulakreuzer ) - the scammer sent me an email saying they got the address wrong…and there was me giving them the benefit of doubt…I thought perhaps I was dealing with a really clueless, non tech savvy person here…So then he/she sent me a series of bogus tracking links to follow…each different, one ending in the UK, the other in Sweden. When we followed the last trail to a post offcie far away from us at a random location and collected the package, we opened the box to find two random second hand books in it. Kinda creepy. And also got me thinking - why they bothered? I mean they could just take the money and run…but instead they were concerned about our reading habits…how considerate of them :roll_eyes: The scammer is still sending me emails with receipts and fake proofs…am guessing stalling for time till they get the money, if they haven’t already got it. The banks and police are following it up but I suspect they are too slow.


Thx for sharing that info.
One really wonders. If they have so many valid tracking numbers, they are either very disorganized eBay-sellers or they are scamming big-time.
If they actually used their own bank account, I can’t imagine how they should happen to not be caught. If there is any money left is a totally different question of course.
I still have some hopes for you and keep my fingers crossed.


Okay, now I’m convinced too.
I’m sure the they didn’t bother to send 3 different parcels around the world just to mess with you, but instead just somehow got their hands on some tracking numbers.
I hope you get your money back.
If you think there is anything we can help you with just ask.

Hey @himalayan are there any new developments?

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