Possible reason for random reboots

I have read a lot about random reboots during long calls with the FP3. It happened to me for the first time yesterday. After the initial shock, however, I realized that this was by no means a software problem. It’s more of a design problem: the buttons - especially the power button - are so unfortunately positioned that you might accidentally press them while holding the phone in your right hand. And if you press long enough, it just comes to a reboot.
Could it have been the same for others?

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afaik, the random reboots were indeed a software issue - at least the most of them:

This issue was resolved with the update 0077 from january.
But indeed: If you press long enough on the power button, the device will reboot eventually…


It also might ask you if you want to

a) switch off,
b) reboot,
c) take a screenshot, or
d) do an emergency call…

At first, yes, when Android is running.
But keeping the power button pressed for 10 to 15 seconds will force a reboot no matter what, unless something is very, very wrong with the phone.


Correct, but that person would have recognized the menu displayed long time before:

No, I wouldn’t, because an old man like me tends to hold his phone in a kinda classical way (close to the ear).


I did not think about that usecase anymore, thanks, made my day!


It’s happened to me a few times when I insert my FP3 in the bracket on the car dashboard