Poor call quality, already with light wind

i get a lot of feedback by the person on the other side, that they don’t hear my voice at all and that it sounds like my phone were in my pocket. that happens especially when it’s a little bit windy. i never had that problem with a phone before. is some hardware broken or what else could be the problem?

thanks for sharing your experiences


Hi is this happening using the phone to the ear or on hands free or both?

hi. thanks for your quick response. it happens when using the phone to the ear.

I would try covering the other mics to see if that makes a difference.

I don’t have an FP4 but on my FP3 I have a mic top and bottom which is easy to test.

You may also like to test the mics via the internal settings, which I think you can access by dialling *#*#2886#*#*


How old is your SIM card?
Do you have VoLTE switch on?

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some further examples here, is your FP4 up to date, or which version is installed?

the tests “speakbox top speaker” and “speakbox bottom speaker” make some weird noise say “pass”. i actually don’t know if those were the correct tests. and i couldn’t find any information in the internet or the manual, if there are additional mics or what those tiny holes in the top, bottom and left of the phone are.

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volte is on. i don’t know how old my sim card is and how i can find that out.

my fairphone is up to date (FP4.FP3W.A.128.20220516). i had already seen the other thread, but that doesn’t seem to concern my case.

They don’t sound like microphone tests and I thought there were 3 mics ??
on the FP3 they are mic1 and mic 2

Switch VoLTE off and replace your SIM card.
SIM cards older than 2 years can give a problem in combination with a Fairphone.

Hi, I notice the same problem. People tell me they dont hear me but it’s not every time. I 've got Fairphone 4 for 2 weeks and the problem appeared since the beginning. My Sim card is new.
I juste noticed that call quality is better when I hold the phone on my left hear (?) I think the problem comes from the mic on the left which may be to “sensitive” ?


In Addition to above Tipps, check if the Google App has always access to the microphone and change this

just found out that the mic tests are findable under the “audio” test. while testing i blew (not too much) into the mics (there are three of them) to simulate wind and they all seemed very sensitive. i think it was slightly worse without the protection case.

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Although at least one will act as a ‘noise’ cancellor it may be worth taping over the two you are not using to see how different it makes it.

I had a lot of signal problem to with FP4.
Send it back quick if it doesn t work within the 15 days .
I thought mine would improve with some update, but I have signal strength problems. Just send back my phone after 1 month of phone pain :

I would recommend you to test the upload speed on google.
If you get lower than 10MB UPLOAD close to a window or in the city center then send it back :

You can’t just generalize like that :roll_eyes:

Generalize like what exactly?


I would recommend you to test the upload speed on google.
If you get lower than 10MB UPLOAD close to a window or in the city center then send it back :

I’m still in contact with support for this issue. I had to try a lot of things and did testing. support told me that if my fingers cover a mic, audio won’t work because it requires all three microphones for audio.

I think that this can’t be the only explanation for bad call quality because covering a mic, at least where they are placed on the FP4, happens so fast when you don’t keep it in mind all the time.

I’ll let you know when I get further updates.

@Soizick do you still have those problems?