Poor battery performance

Does anybody experience poor battery performance? How can I best check & solve issues?
When checking battery use, especially various seems to be gobbling up charge. When I use OsmAnd, I can nearly count 1% per minute…
Sometimes the device uses up the last 10% in a matter of minutes.
Any advice welcome.

Please see the #batteryguide for a start.


Oh Yes! I hear you. I recently experienced quick loss of battery life and also much slower charging times of my FP2 even though I was using the same chargers. I went through the battery guide and followed all the trouble shooting, rebooting the phone and leaving out the battery, operating in safe mode etc. Nothing worked so I bought a new battery. Mine was two years old so thought this might solve it. It hasn’t. :sob: Any advice?


You probably try these tricks but I got a similar experience and changing the charger solved the problem… Have you try to change the charger and/or the cable?

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