Poll: Where outside of Europe are the most potential customers?

Disclaimer: This is a totally unofficial poll and results may not be reflected by Fairphone’s actions.

Where outside of Europe do you want to be able to buy the Fairphone 2 in 2016 or later?

  • North-America
  • South-America
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia/Oceania

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I’d say USA, but they don’t care much about environment :smiley: But they’ll be happy to produce them and earn fair wages :smile:
Other than that, Russia can be an interesting market. It’s not as saturated with high quality phones as western Europe.
And China buys its own Phones anyway :wink:

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Could it be more precise to ask which countries? Eg, maybe there’s a dramatic difference of interest between Canada and USA. Or the Philippines vs Japan.

Or will it look too messy to list ~20 countries?

I would say the USA because of (a) the large population (b) the GDP © on the coasts at least eg California, Oregon Washington State, New England there are quite a few socially/environmentally aware people. Second would be Canada. Same reasons but smaller population.


Sure we could make a poll with countries, if you give me a list. I just didn’t want to exclude anybody. :smile:

PS: Dang, I missed Antartica! :wink:


Yea, I’ve been wondering why… It would be my first choice.


I’d guess California alone would fund an outer-European Fairphone. Jerry Brown would order one, fer shizzle.

Seriously, I doubt there will be enough responses here, I think such a poll would really need to be on the official website www.fairphone.com to get enough attention.


You are right and I believe there is/was one? I vaguely remember filling out a questionnaire when I subscribed to the FP2 newsletter.

Does this poll have an expiration date? I would like to link to it when one of those lonely US souls begs for a Fairphone again on the Fairphone FB page :wink: (as far as I tried the poll can be taken part in by non-forum members as well, right?)

I didn’t plan on an expiration date.

I don’t think you can vote without a profile. When I log out and try to vote I’m asked to log in. Also with the OS poll we got a lot of new users to the forum (from the Sailfish community mainly)

Oh right, I must have checked a bit too quickly then. Then again, if I link to it on Facebook, folks can login to this using their existing FB account as well, so the hurdle shouldn’t be too tough.


I’ll vouch for the USA. With proper marketing I would dare say it would be a top market. While overseas it may not look like the US cares about the environment, etc., there is a massive population of environmentally friendly folks and conscious consumers. In more “liberal” areas there are plenty of potential buyers. I’m one of them, still using my 7 year old flip phone waiting for a USA release of the fairphone. After doing some research, I could never bring myself to upgrading just because 2 years had passed. I know many many others who are doing something similar, and I’m not even in one of the more liberally minded areas like California or new York! I’d wager there are at least several thousand customers if not more that could be reached with simple awareness and offering the product. It is something I would happily purchase and soak box about if it was available.


Australia for sure. I would also like to see a Fair Laptop or a Fairputer please