Get the phone delivered in Australia

Hi there,
I would like to buy the Fairphone but i live in Australia and on the web site i can’t get the phone delivered there.

Any Help please!? :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! Right now there is no way to order the FP2 from outside Europe yet. Fairphone might expand to several other countries within the next year but that’s not a promise. There already are many requests from the US and Australian people but the company is very small so they have to think about whether they have sufficient resources to do so.


Feel free to vote in this unofficial poll:

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South America!!!


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You can order using this service (I have not used them, but they seem reliable):

They forward the parcel to you from a German shipping adress and also
offer insurance on the package. You just need to check how much the
package from Fairphone will weigh and select a shipping option.

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