Poll: Where do you see yourself on the political spectrum?

Disclaimer: This is an anonymous poll. You can vote if you want to and share your views below if you like, but nobody pressures you to abandon your secrecy of the ballot.

Warning: Please don’t belittle anybody else’s political views. If this topic degenerates into a fight I’ll take appropriate action immediately. It’s probably best if everybody just describes their own views and only comments those of others if they agree.

Where do you see yourself on the political spectrum?

I’d really like to know how Fairphoners tick.
I based the answers of the poll on the android app “Vote1 - Political Spectrum”, but summarized the 32 political ideologies to 14 options, to keep the poll clear. You can find Wikipedia links to all political views as well as some examples from the European Parliament below(*).
I thought about allowing to choose more than one option, but then I thought that could falsify the result (not that it will be extremely accurate and representative anyway).

(*) The members of the political groups of the European Parliament are not always 100% aligned with one ideology, so some country’s parties would probably fit better to different ideologies.

So here we go:

  • Authoritarian Communism (Maoism, Marxism-Leninism, Trotskyism)
  • Non-Authoritarian Communism (Left C., Anarcho-C., Luxemburgism, De Leonism)
  • Democratic Socialism
  • Social Democracy
  • Green Social Democracy
  • Authoritarian Left (Left Populism, Left Nationalism, State Capitalism)
  • Anarchism (Anarchocollectivism, Anarchosyndicalism, Mutualist Anarchism, Individualist Anarchism)
  • Social Liberalism
  • Central Populism
  • Right Liberalism (Classical Liberalism, Libertarianism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Paleo-Libertarianism, Neo-Liberalism)
  • Right Populism
  • Conservatism
  • Nationalism (Nationalism, National Socialism, National Conservatism, Fascism)
  • Authoritarian Conservatism (Neo-Conservatism, Neo-Reactionism)

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Authoritarian Communism

Non-Authoritarian Communism

Democratic Socialism e.g: European United Left–Nordic Green Left

Social Democracy e.g: Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

Green Social Democracy e.g: Greens-European Free Alliance

Authoritarian Left


Social Liberalism

Central Populism

Right Liberalism e.g: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe group

Right Populism e.g: Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy

Conservatism e.g: European People’s Party


Authoritarian Conservatism


My choice: Green Social Democracy (slightly leaning towards democratic socialism)

Ever since I was able to vote I have always voted for the Austrian Greens. According to Vote1 I align most with the views of De Leonism and also when I take pre-election quizes I usually get the recommendation to vote for the Communist Party of Austria, but the way I see it most tests and quizes don’t place a lot of importance on e.g. environmental and climate change issues.

I’m also a partial match with the Pirates and other left parties. According to Vote1 I’m very close to Spain’s Unidos Podemos and Sweden’s Miljöpartiet de gröna.

After the Austrian Parliament Elections 2017 where the Greens just missed the 4% obstacle and therefore are no longer represented in our parliament and the two right parties are about to form a coalition to rule the country for 5 years I decided I had to stop being just spectator and will now join the Vienna Greens. To be exact probably the “Grüne Andersrum”, the greens’ lgbtqia group.


@paulakreuzer pretty boring results so far, although I would have been much happier if our elections two months ago ended like this :wink:
But what is the difference between Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy?


So zirka KPÖ vs SPÖ.

I put links to Wikipedia articles of both in the top post. Democratic Socialism is somewhere between Social Democracy and Communism.

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sounds like the Peoples Front of Judea vs the Judean People’s Front :grin:


Always look on the bright side of life. :sunny: :grin:


Go for it! I do think they need some new energy from outside. I am contemplating to do the same! :slight_smile:


Make it so! :thumbsup:

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The result so far doesn’t surprise me much.


It’s 88% for Green Social Democratic out of 16 votes at the time I voted. Being the only option in the spectrum mentioning Green, it’s clear as pie this one will stick out.

[Is there a way to hide “spoilers” on this forum? I would like to give people the chance to vote for themselves before me telling what percentages I’ve seen].


Please. It’s LGBTQQIP2SAA. Don’t be whatever-phobic :wink:
( https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=LGBTQQIP2SAA )

(Btw this is getting ridiculous. We need a term that is not an abbreviation of all Genders, since there are too many to remember…)


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Thanks for outsider-mansplaining. :wink:


I don’t have time for long detailed answers at the moment, but one “food for thought item” just creeped in my mind: Instead of asking “Where do you see yourself on the political spectrum?”, I would like to ask “What is your political spectrum ?” - or you could say "How are the seats allocated in your inner government ?"
I know this would bust a simple poll, but I can see different proportions of all the different political colours in my heart and mind.
Enjoy the weekend :slight_smile:


Of course everyone is free to enter this thread; yet tbh, I don’t see the point in starting a political discussion in this forum. According to my experience discussions like this involve the risk of unnecessary quarrels.
So, I’ll just stand by and watch.


You did see the first two paragraphs of my post didn’t you?

I honestly just fail to believe, that this will have an impact should a disagreement occur.
That’s just my humble opinion of course.

I lean somewhere between green social democracy, social liberalism and anarchism…

I know that is some rathe strange combination…but on some matters I lean very much towards anarchism, where on others I see green as the solution, where again others some liberalism couldn’t do harm in my eyes.

Not going to give much concrete examples, but for example working at Fairphone I would consider as a liberal decision…the government is failing, so let the companies try and change it :wink:


Took me about 10 minutes to decide between green social democracy and democratic socialism. Can’t we make a green democratic socialism option? :laughing: I like to think about a world where we’re all equal and all have plants rights! Nice poll though :slight_smile:


According to this poll, the FP Forum is pretty links-grün-versifft and we’re way too many Gutmenschen here who believe in the Rotfunk-Lügenpresse :wink:


Are you surprised?

I am rather surprised there is actually one person voting Nationalism, wouldn’t expect that so quickly here :wink: