Poll: How should the Help category be prepared for the launch of FP2?

Hi! To be prepared for the next Fairphone (FP2) I suggest a new help category at the Forum, to keep requests seperated for easier help (people who have a FP2 won’t be able to help people with a FP1 and vice verse).

How would you handle it?

  • Create a new main category (Help FP2) and rename the existing Help category Help FP1(U).
  • Create a sub-category in the existing Help category named Help FP2.
  • Do not change anything, maintain only one Help category for both FP1(U) and FP2.

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After voting, please reply and tell us, why you voted for a certain option! :slight_smile:

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I voted for the 1st option (create a new main category) because I don’t see the FP2 inferior to the FP1(U), which would justify a sub category. Also doing nothing doesn’t seem like the best idea with 200.000 FP2 being sold in the next 2 years. :slight_smile:

I already know that you feel like too many options restrict your quality of life ( :wink: ), but I’d still suggest another option:

  • make two sub-categories within the Help Category, one for the FP1(U) and one for the FP2. That way topics that concern both devices can stay in the Help Category.

Without that option I voted option 2.


I was thinking, if I should give this option, but I found that all the topics in the Help category either refer to FP1(U) or (will) refer to FP2. They are so different that there won’t be (Help) topics concerning both devices.

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As the second Fairphone will be very much different from the first one I prefer a new main category.


option 1 even for me :slight_smile: this coud also simplify posting for users not comfortable with categories (you mods often move topics because they’re posted in wrong categories, I can’t imagine the work needed to keep help sections tidy with two devices!)

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Should we provide different help-(sub)categories for the different flavors (if they really come).
Won’t a google-free FP2 have more in common with a google-free FP1(U) than with a google-infested FP2?

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People without GApps don’t have troubles, so they don’t need (a) Help (category). :sunglasses:

On a more serious note: What I could imagine are sub categories for different operating systems (default is Android so it should be the main category).


I set this poll to autoclose on June 30th 23:59. If you have not voted yet, now is the time! :slight_smile:

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Now that we will have two different fairphones being talked about I’d like to suggest to create two more categories “FP1” and “FP2”.
If it is possible to enable multiple categories per thread, I’d like to suggest to use these FP1/FP2 as additional categories to the topic-ralated ones (bugs, repair, software,…)

I see no votes in the poll above. It says “0 voters” for me. And my proposal isn’t in the options anyway…

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I thinl that create a subcategory will mess up all: if someone have a problem with FP2 there are an high probability that post in the generic help; IMHO the best could be two separated new categories. But I can’t see any vote in this poll, and I can’t vote

It’s an old poll that’s already closed. Unfortunately the result was lost during a discourse upgrade, but afair your preferred option won.

I have one counter proposal though. How about we leave the one category and just add the :one: :two: tags like the language tags?

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I would not favor that. In my opinion, this board misses structure already because obviously it is much different from usual boards. I suggest creating more categories.


This is actually my preferrence too :slight_smile:

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It’s worth a try, though I’m afraid this may lead to the moderators and/or the regulars adding the tags to a lot of posts - sure, if the example is set people may follow it if they know how.

Whilst I don’t want to push for having two categories (I’m not quite decided), the advantage that I see is that it does force the person creating a topic to be specific about the device. With a tag that users manually add, it can be forgotten (and surprisingly many posts in the help category are actually initially quite vague) or not understood. In terms of where to put instructions - of the ~2100 users only 113 have the read faq badge (though this may just be because discourse assumes a slower reading speed than most users have), and I’m not sure how many read the about category pinned posts (<700, views, >1300 topics…).