📊 POLL: How satisfied or unsatisfied are you with your FP4?

Screen seems so stupidly sensitive at edges. Holding it normally(I have come from a long line of cheap Motorola’s) blocks screen inputs due to proximity of holding fingers. Think this may also effect the pay sensor some how, it can take ages to get vendors units to accept payment.
It’s no good going on about chipsets etc. Most buyers aren’t nerds. This is the most I’ve ever paid for a phone by a factor of 2/3 and it’s not impressive.


I have been a bit nervous when migrating from my Pixel 4a to the Fairphone.
I was quite fed up with the USB-Port on the Pixel 4a of my wife going to hell, and i know my way into the guts of smartphones and laptops - so the switch to the Fairphone 4 just made sense. My wife upgraded to the Pixel 6, and i got the Fairphone 4.

Just as the reviews (from i.e notebookcheck.com) suggested, the Fairphone 4 is well built and has a fine mid-range SOC with enough RAM to last the next few Android upgrades :wink: Also, switching from the “vanilla-Pixel” Android to the Fairphone builds was painless - no bloat or “we need to change something to be different” changes to the OS.

However the reviews regarding the FP4-Camera were worrying to me. My wife is a photographer, and we both share this as a passion.The Pixel cameras (2, 4a and now the 6) were really nice to capture good pictures without having to worry about lighting and focus - which is handy when you want to snap pictures of your kids “in the moment”.

I was pleasantly surprised with the FP4 Camera so far. I managed to get good pictures, sometimes even better than the pixel6. Only when it is a bit dim, the Pixel6 manages to avoid too long exposure a bit better, so the subject wont have motion blur. But, while shooting the Halloween tour in the dark outside, i was really surprised to see me getting better pictures than the pixel 6.

So, yes, i am very satisfied with my upgrade from the pixel4a to the FP4.


Voted very satisfied. Coming from hTc U+ and their ‘flagships’ during 12 years, FP4 of curse is something else, but nevertheless I’m very satisfied. Not only with the phone itself but also the concept.


I moved from a Nokia 7.2 to FP4, this is the most expensive phone I ever bought.
Overall I am satisfied with the phone.

  • I don’t miss the audio connector, I got an adapter and also a headset with USB C connection.
  • Battery life is fine with me.
  • In the beginning the FP4 felt huge compared to the Nokia but I got used to it.
  • The fingerprint sensor and its location are good for me. I had to turn off the feature to turn on the Phone when touching the sensor because it turned on too often when I didn’t want it to.
  • The algorithm for screen orientation is too sensitive IMHO, I turned auto rotation off.
  • Camera is pretty good and has improved with updates using stock camera app.
  • The only disappointing thing is voice quality of phone calls. I hope that they can improve it with a future update.

OK there are two things to consider.

a) It’s called the Fairphone due to the attention paid to miners and factory workers, so most of the extra cost goes there, hopefully
b) Being also touted as a DIY repairable phone it definitely will attract a higher percentage of ‘nerds’

Although I am overwhelmingly a fairtrade freak I am a bit of a nerd too, so the fairphone it’s an opportunity I would not miss.

However I would hope the issue of fairtrade is the overriding factor and the nerds can sit in the second row.

But a painful truth is that the majority of people are not concerned with fairtrade and only see the power of the money in their pockets.

Fairtrade is expensive and can only become more so. :slight_smile:


Don’t get me wrong, the fairtrade aspect is great, but the main selling point for most users is the long software support and repairability. Which inadvertently attracts nerds. :smiley: If it was just about fairtrade but otherwise it was the same glued brick with 2 years of updates, nobody would buy it.


Thanks for the Fair trade lecture, who’d of known!!!:rofl:
If a phone is significantly crapper for twice as much money then it brings the FT ‘brand’ into disrepute. That is is an abject failure.


a) where did you get the idea that the main selling point is “long software support and repairability.”

b) I have phone 10 years old that work fine but don’t have Wi-Fi calling and that was an ‘essential’ feature. But there are many other phones cheaper and the only reason I bought is fairtrade.

c) So yes I would have bought a glued brick if it had been ‘fair trade’ as all the phones I’ve had have lasted a min of six years with absolutely no problems.

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That’s my point, money is the key to most peoples motivation. That’s where a few nerds can help as they have other motivations, hopefully other than saving money or having to earn more.

As far as ‘disrepute’ as you noted it a laughing matter.

Self respect

I voted satisfied, bordering on neutral. It has a few annoyances that slowly drive me mad but overall I’m satisfied, I’d say.

  • I can’t hold the phone in my hand when I’m out in the sun and in a phone call, because it keeps turning the screen off. It’s been like this for upwards of 8 months now and I’m blown away by the fact it hasn’t been fixed yet
  • The default camera app is meh in semi-low light areas. This would normally be okay for me, but the missing CameraX API means my Gcam app can’t live up to its full potential. So do I essentially stop using one of the 2 cameras or do I get inferior picture quality? I chose Gcam.
  • I’ll believe we are getting Android 12 this year when I see it. I’ve seen no mentioning of a public beta, and that typically comes months before the official release.

I bought it for the 5 years of Android update support + the replaceable battery. So far, I’m pretty meh on the battery life and pretty negative to the Android update support. I’d rate the phone a 6/10, where 5/10 is average. Most of this comes from me having used a Pixel 6a in a store. The Pixel 6a sells for 200 bucks less than the Fairphone 4, and it felt like using a rocketship in comparison.

I get that the hardware being repairable will have some severe cutbacks when it comes to performance and I was fully expecting that.

… However, I wasn’t expecting the software support to be this bad :frowning:


I’m satisfied, but I’ve been running iodé since the first or so week.


Seit Anfang Oktober besitze ich das Fairphone 4. Hier sind meine ersten Eindrücke:

  • Hardware / Software: da ich mein Smartphone ausschließlich geschäftlich nutze und mit der Kamera nur Schnappschüsse mache, komme ich mit dem Fairphone-Set Up sehr gut klar. Gewicht und Größe sind für mich unerheblich, es ist schnell, ruckelt nicht, Telefonie ist gut verständlich. Ich habe den Microsoft Launcher geladen und habe damit eine “Microsoft-kompatible” Oberfläche.
  • e/OS: Zunächst einmal einen herzlichen Dank an die Fairphone Community. Überhaupt ist diese Community für mich die beste, die ich bisher im Netz gesehen habe, was Information und Wertschätzung untereinander betrifft. Mit den verschiedenen Links war es selbst für mich recht leicht möglich, e/OS zu installieren. Gefühlt ist mein Fairphone 4 jetzt ohne google “schlanker” und schneller als vorher. e/OS läuft absolut stabil.
  • und noch etwas: um nicht den Audio-Klinkenadapter extra bei Fairphone bestellen zu müssen, kaufte ich bei meinem Händler einen Samsung-Adapter USB c auf Klinke (wenig Geld investiert, um es auszuprobieren). Es funktionierte natürlich nicht. Mit dem Umstieg auf e/OS wurde der Adapter von meinem Fairphone erkannt und ich kann meine Musik hören - a very nice “side effect”.
    Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden, zum ersten Mal ein “vernünftiges” Smartphone zu besitzen. Mit dem Gerät wie mit der Unterstützung im Forum.
    Ich habe gestern mein e/OS aktualisiert und seit dem läuft mein Fairphone 4 mit Android 12.

I have owned the Fairphone 4 since the beginning of October. Here are my first impressions:

  • Hardware / software: as I use my smartphone exclusively for business and only take snapshots with the camera, I get on very well with the Fairphone set-up. Weight and size are irrelevant to me, it is fast, does not jerk, telephony is well understood. I have loaded the Microsoft Launcher and thus have a “Microsoft-compatible” interface.
  • e/OS: First of all, many thanks to the Fairphone community. In general, this community is the best I have seen on the net so far in terms of information and appreciation for each other. With the various links, it was quite easy even for me to install e/OS. It feels like my Fairphone 4 is now “slimmer” and faster than before without google. e/OS runs absolutely stable.
  • and one more thing: in order not to have to order the audio jack adapter extra from Fairphone, I bought a Samsung adapter USB c to jack from my dealer (little money invested to try it out). It didn’t work, of course. With the switch to e/OS, the adapter was recognised by my Fairphone and I can listen to my music - a very nice “side effect”.
    All in all, I am very happy to have a “decent” smartphone for the first time. With the device as well as with the support in the forum.
    I updated my e/OS yesterday and since then my Fairphone 4 is running Android 12.

Looool this is brilliant!

I voted satisfied. In general I’m very happy with it and I can see myself keeping it for a long time.

I only have three areas where I’m disappointed:

  1. The camera is bad but passable. It’s possible to get good photos but not of anything that’s moving or in low light.
  2. The device is too big. I understand their reasons, and accept that it is the standard these days, but whenever I pick up my work-issued iPhone, it feels so much more manageable. Some people have said they have gotten used to this, as have I, but I am not going to move away from my opinion that smaller is better.
  3. Stock Android 11 doesn’t feel modern. I am hoping Android 12 improves this. There are other software problems, but honestly I have never had an Android (including the big players) where there aren’t some software problems.

But overall I have a reliable phone and I would not change it.

Android 12 will provide one hand mode, which makes the size more manageable.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to solve 99% of the problems I have with the size, such as the weight distribution, the physical width of the device in hand, or the discomfort in my trouser pockets. But I accept it would allow me to use the device one-handed, which I can’t currently without accidental touches.

To be fair I do use the official case which adds some bulk.


I voted very unsatisfied. I’ve been using FP4 since April 2022. I would return it if I could, or give it to some friend, but of course, people would laugh when they saw this brick. There are multiple reasons, starting from non-existent software support (where’s the Android 12-13? and I’m still on Sept 2022 security update), the potato camera, random reboots (seems to be related to roaming and SIM/operator combo), no headphone jack, weight, shape, lack of accessories, eSIM, operator support (I don’t have VoLTE or 5G working despite my operator supporting it), overall cheep feeling of the device, despite the price. The list goes on. Just to be clear, I’m on stock firmware, not rooted and with a locked bootloader.

Here’s my review on Amazon: Amazon.de

Edit: re-reading my review, I’m considering putting this phone in a drawer and getting something modern and supported. So much for sustainability.

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Hi Jorge although you are clearly grossly disappointed I am curious about the content

  • Brick you don’t mean software type and unusable but in terms of size and weight general disappointment which weighs heavy on you.

  • With this heavy burden you encounter

    • I imagine you knew the price was related to the Fair Trade aspect and consequently it would be a state of the art phone and that you may have serious misgiving when using it with anything other than moderate expectations.
      Weight This info was available before purchase so that surely was expected, or had you not checks the specs.
  • Same with headphone jack, clearly noted in the sales specs

  • e-SIM I would have thought if someone wanted to use an e-SIM they would check compatibility before purchasing a phone

  • Functionality with certain carriers seems to be an issue and again that can be discovered on purchase and the phone returned if it doesn’t work well or well enough in your area.

  • OS security etc. clearly slow to be pushed but doesn’t brick the phone

And I’m sure the list does go on, but clearly your experience is just that, yours.

My daughter seems happy with hers, I have 2 FP3s. And although akin to you in that I would not recommend a Fairphone to anyone other that a Fair Trade Freak I wouldn’t give it a bad review as that just seems a waste of more resources.

On the matter of wasted resources, putting in a draw is a great example of waste.

You could advertise it here and get some funds for a new phone. You may even get enough to cover a new one.

Giving it to a friend I agree, would be embarrassing, I wouldn’t do that even with one of my seemingly perfect FP3s but I’m sure I could find someone that would appreciate your FP4 :slight_smile:

All the best and that for pouring out your heart :weary:


Please, stop with this one liner that makes no sense in the context discussed. This starts to become embarrassing, so many people have issues with this phone. You cannot tell everyone that your daughter is happy with the phone and others should be as well. What @Jorge lists are issues everyone can reproduce. Granted, some of them were known in advance such as the headphone jack.

But updates delayed for such a long period may not brick your phone, but for sure are a huge security issue. An example:

These issues need to be addressed. For some this phone may not be worth more than a brick indeed due to FP failing to fix them. It’s been a year. Surely we can expect improvements, even the small issues like the jumping arrows hasn’t been fixed. Instead, they add another notification bar issue by not testing their landscape change which now cuts of icons.

FP needs to hear this feedback and should not be sugarcoated or downplayed. Otherwise they will never improve their products. This feedback is intended to make these devices more usable during our day to day tasks. We know it’s not an iPhone. But we did pay good money for it, it should also be fair for the end user.


Sure it must be embarrasing for some, it is for me and I don’t even have one. Just reading it is not pleasant, but as I said not everyone will have the same experience. Maybe I’ll ask my daughter to post a comment, but you may know how it is ~ those with no problems don’t often visit the forum, if ever.

As for ‘good’ money, there’s no such thing in my opinion but where it is used does show something about the user.

Take care


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