Poll + general discussion: who got Android 10 Update on their FP3 & first impressions

Could you post a screenshot?
Edit: Thank you, the thread didn’t load properly. Now I see all the pictures!

Plenty screenshots have been posted already, e.g. here

Thanks for your answer.
I don’t dislike the standard launcher except for the search bar and the (new) clock / weather bar. I followed the link you sent “Home customization”.
I’m afraid I will have to install another launcher, as I did with Android 9 (Nova).
Generally speaking, I prefer not to install more apps than necessary. I was hoping that version 10 allowed more customization. Anyway, I’ll survive :slight_smile:
Thanks again and regards.

The weather has disappeared from my bar now.

I did not know the issue you mentioned. I agree with your point of view. Regards.

Same for me! Cosmetic but something to look for in the next updates.

Downloaded the update yesterday. BEN network in the Netherlands. Some small issues like the date and weather now popping up twice on the top of my screen.

Bigger issues is connectivity that now I only have LTE coverage?
And with that on I had no connectivity at all. Now looking to see if I have to change something in the setting?!?! :thinking:

You can turn off LTE from Network and Internet then Advanced. However when I turned it off it still continued to display as LTE on my notifciation bar. Also I had to restart a couple of times before my 4G returned to Android 9 level of connectivity so maybe it takes a few hours to get to speed with the new network settings?

Just search for “wearther” in the Google app.

I’ll wait 'till I get back from vacation in Abidjan to install it.

In my case the network name is wrong. Suddenly it thinks I’m on Virgin, when I have 2 sims - Vodafone and 1pMobile (on EE). Strange! Is there any way to correct that?

My top line days Virgin too and I’m on BT mobile so that’s a bit odd…
Also I now have … the at a glance … date and weather at the top of my home page and you can’t delete it. It’s awful, it’s ribbed my home page set up.
How do I go back to the old version?

After doing the update most stuff seems to work still but for some reason the button to show all the currently open apps is now dead :frowning: This is kind of unusable and I don’t have the time to factory reset and set my entire device back up again right now

Haven’t received the update yet.
When I try to open the Updater, it says ‘device is not supported’. That seems odd :slight_smile:
When looking for an update through the System, it says there’s no update.

Ow well, I’m sure it’ll appear soon :slight_smile:

Your forum user profile says your Fairphone is a Fairphone 2. Is that still the case?

If you do have a Fairphone 3, let us know what version number of Fairphone OS is currently installed. It should be a term like “A.0134” or a lower number.


Thanks for your reply!

I do indeed have a FP3, I did not remember it was in my forum profile. Will update that in a sec.

Not sure where to find which version, but in the buildnumber of the OS it does say “A.0124”.

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You are probably a Vodafone customer then, right? That’s a known factor that can delay FP3 updates. If you have access to another network’s SIM, you can temporarily replace your Vodafone SIM by that one and might get the update quicker.


You are correct Sir, I do indeed have Vodafone.
I did see that this was mentioned before. Thanks for the suggestions about another SIM!

Not really a problem: After the installation of Android 10, the calendar widget on the main screen appears twice.

As more and more bugs are added to this “Poll” thread, I opened a new one to collect all known issues. Feel free to add whatever bugs you find: Known bugs & problems with Android 10