Poll + general discussion: who got Android 10 Update on their FP3 & first impressions

That’s strange, in French you don’t have any mention of the new Android version… Something missing @rae!

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You can vote “Won’t install it” for this :wink:

That didn’t seem right for me.
As soon as android 10 is available on /e/ I will install it.


Installation done. Even it is not written Android 10 is inside

I agree that a poll might not be very helpful. People simply commenting here upon receiving the update is quite informative, but a poll is simply not a helpful format. I might have answered no this morning, which simply goes without saying, as the update was only expected today. But an hour from now I might have to change it to yes, so a poll is just a bit useless for this situation. I do like the topic though!

Wow…I was just about to announce that we have started rolling out the new update today, but you all beat me to it! No surprise there I guess. :smile: Just something to note, that depending on your network, some users will receive the update sooner than others.


Probably not the right topic for this, but has anyone encountered any problems so far? Google is acting up a bit for me, so just doing a bit of fiddling at the mo

Update worked like a charm. Only tiny bug so far: When you activate gestures, the icons on the home screen move down a little, while the Google bar doesn’t - so the Google bar covers a tiny part of the lower icons. Cosmetics… but certainly something to fix in one of the next updates.


By the way, the fastboot image in the manual installation support article is still the old version (A.0134).

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This is solved when you reboot after activating gestures (for me at least :slightly_smiling_face:).

Edit: Oops! Sadly wrong. Once you swipe up the problem reappears.

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I’m not a huge fan of this date display either, not at all.

I can however confirm a much lower minimum brightness (yay!) and the long awaited instantaneous shot for the camera (but sadly the flash problem is not solved)…

EDIT: I don’t feel the minimum brightness to be that much low anymore now, it must’ve been an illusion under daylight…

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I don’t see the problem you describe or I don’t understand what you mean:

I lost the previous background image and would like to get it back (background from Android 9 delivered by Fairphone). Could somebody give them as a zip file? I prefer the wavy image we had before and was not careful enough in my experiments.

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This is what mine looks like following a factory reset. What’s with the bottom bar?

If I change the size of display (?)(taille d’affichage in French) in the settings, I observe the problem you describe. Can you try to set it on small to see if it solves it?

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Just installed it. After a few minutes settling in everything works fine. Nice update :slight_smile: Carrier: O2/Telefonica, Germany. I am using the Microsoft launcher and gesture navigation.

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If I set the font to ‘Small’ it seems to fix the layout.

So it seems the lowest row should change its location based on other parameters but is doesn’t since it’s position is hard coded with fixed numbers. I consider it a bug.

Exactly… it looks nice after a reboot at first. But once you’ve opened an app and swiped up, the homescreen get’s messed again.

And another tiny cosmetic bug: On the top of the screen, the space between the carrier’s name and the the clock time is missing.


Worked for we as well. There are some minor bugs (using the new swipe navigation renders the search bar too close to the bottom row of apps for example), but generally I am happy about it. That’s why I will stick with the classic three button layout for so far. But I guess the engineers are already collecting feedback and trying to improve on these issues.

I can confirm the issue @mgkoeln has with the space between the carrier name and the current time.

Otherwise, it just works.