Poll: FP2 coloured external case

Mine too, unfortunately it’s not an option in the poll

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I’m very curious! Would be great to have more than two cases available already with the launch. Perhaps id even rather have my phone’s delivery postponed a few weeks if that would mean i’d have more options.

Good luck with the last preparations!

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Yeah, same for me :blush:

The pictures from Engadget are great :blush:

Opaque-blue :

Black trim :

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You can even transparentify a Samsung Galaxy: :woot:

But the FP2 is the only phone where a transparent back actually let’s you see something worth seeing.


True! When I saw the Galaxy, I thought, “well, this doesn’t reveal much…”

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I hope Fairphone will create more colors for the case. Like: red, red translucent, white, white translucent etc.

Please take a look at this topic: