Poll: FP2 coloured external case

Oh my god, that’s my preferred color!!


black on black?
that’s not even classic. :wink:
(classic is blue opaque with white rim, well, at least came in 3rd).

And did I mention that I miss a real not-letter-logo?


@Fred That looks absolutely awesome! Didn’t vote for it because it looked kind of … purple. But there on real photos it looks just great. The voting results would be completely different if such high quality photos would’ve been used. IMO, translucent blue with white rim would be #2, and should be because of FP1’s white rim. Translucent blue with black rim really looks far worse, just look. Especially because the camera rim is the phone’s only white part.

They should at least offer us ANY case with a white rim, like #3 opaque blue. I think it’s really bad for marketing not to offer this totally Fairphone-color-styled case. Plain black on black is just as boring as any other phone out there, but a white rim and translucent or opaque blue would be an epic eyecatcher and showpiece.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So true!
@anon90052001, hear us!


Though I don’t like your nasty talk on the black-on-black trim (as I love it!), I agree with you, that there should be offered at least one case with a white trim. I believe that a lot people will like it (though I personally don’t).


Maybe they should make the back cover modular! :smiley:


If that does not have a negative influence on its durability I’d go with that.

Btw, I get more and more accustomed to the black trim + translucent blue cover. So although I still prefer other colors I’ll be able to say that I like that cover.

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When can we choos the Color ?

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We’re almost ready to launch the new back cover colors. It’s most likely in the next week(s).


This is great news :smile:
ColorS ? Plural ?! A surprise is coming ? Or you consider the black-black as a new color ? :blush:

My favorite case:



Mine too, unfortunately it’s not an option in the poll

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I’m very curious! Would be great to have more than two cases available already with the launch. Perhaps id even rather have my phone’s delivery postponed a few weeks if that would mean i’d have more options.

Good luck with the last preparations!

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Yeah, same for me :blush:

The pictures from Engadget are great :blush:

Opaque-blue :

Black trim :

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You can even transparentify a Samsung Galaxy: :woot:

But the FP2 is the only phone where a transparent back actually let’s you see something worth seeing.


True! When I saw the Galaxy, I thought, “well, this doesn’t reveal much…”

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I hope Fairphone will create more colors for the case. Like: red, red translucent, white, white translucent etc.

Please take a look at this topic: