Poll: Do you use two SIM cards? If yes, how do you use them?

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According to today’s blog post, I am interested whether and how users use the dual SIM capability of their smartphone.

I didn’t want to include the poll in How to use the dual SIM feature? because it is actually used by users to request help with the Dual SIM feature.

Do you have a dual SIM smartphone?

  • Yes, the Fairphone 1
  • Yes, the Fairphone 2
  • Yes, another brand
  • Yes, another brand, but with a combined second SIM/microSD slot
  • No

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If you don’t know what a combined second SIM/microSD slot is: for example, the OnePlus X has one.

If you have a dual SIM smartphone, do you actually use two SIM cards?

  • Yes, permanently
  • Yes, occasionally
  • No

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If you use two SIM cards, how do you use them?

  • One for private usage, one for work
  • I give my contacts different phone numbers (for example, one phone number is only for partner and kids)
  • One for home country, one for abroad
  • One for calls/SMS, one for data
  • To use the SIM card with better rate/tariff for calls
  • I use the phone with another person. Each person has his/her own SIM card.
  • One of the SIM cards is a legacy SIM card (only for the reason if someone has the old phone number in his/her telephone book)
  • Other use (please write a reply about how you use the two SIM cards)

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Is the Dual SIM feature absolute mandatory for your next smartphone?

  • Yes
  • No

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Interesting poll but I find the answer options for the last question too rigid. Normally, there are not so many absolute showstoppers when buying a phone, because you usually can’t get the dreamphone you want so you always have to make compromises. For me, Dual SIM is something I really want to have, but if one phone shows up that is perfect in all regards except it does not have this feature, I would probably get it anyways…

The rigidity of the last question was intended by me. So the question means if dual SIM is the absolute show-stopper/must-have, or, in other words, if you explicitly exclude all phones without dual SIM and don’t look further at them (“No dual SIM? No thanks!”).

So this means “No” in my question, because the dual SIM is not a must-have for you if the phone is good at another parts. Some other people may have a lower threshold when they give up dual SIM. Where do I draw the border at which the dual SIM feature is “important” to someone?

I get your point but this was not so clear for me from the question. I guess “absolutely mandatory” would have been more clear.

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I like the ability to have dual SIM.

But as I only use one, all the time. I would like to hide the other SIM functionality and so it doesn’t keep reporting which card I’m using, when I’m only using one!

So, basically it’s more transparent the transition between using single SIM and dual SIMs

Is there a way to do this?

Many thanks.

My poll with 52 voters has now the result that 81 % of Fairphone users use the dual SIM function of their Fairphone (60 % permanently, 21 % occasionally). It’s a significant bigger percentage than the blog post which stated 48 %.

So I think it’s good when all future Fairphones also support at least two SIMs.

I refer to the other topic where this question is asked too. We also have a feature request for this. It’s not clear if this can be done with GravityBox (which needs root).

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