POLL: Button-Colours/Extra-Buttons

Just got an idea, don’t know if it has already been mentioned in this forum, but I don’t think so.
It’s a combination of #rimswapping and button swapping.
And it might give the customers more choice, while avoiding the Fairphone logistic manager fainting like selling front and back of the slim cover seperately:

@Douwe How about selling buttons in different colours seperately (maybe more colours than black and blue, like yellow, red and white?) or delivering the covers with a spare set of buttons in the other colour. This way there “only” would have to be produced twice as much buttons, which should be doable for a reasonable extra charge. Although it would obviously result in a little bit more “waste” produced, the possibility to individualize your phone (one might swap buttons individually) could outweigh that.
#Would You like buttons in different colour for your FP2?

  • Yes, buttons in different colours should be sold extra
  • Yes, buttons in different colours should be included in the cover/ship with the phone
  • No, just keep it the way it is. No extra buttons necessary.

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#If Yes …

  • The available colours (black and blue) are sufficient.
  • Make it more colourful (e.g. red, white etc.)

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I really would love the option of a black or transparent slim back cover.
The already available black buttons are sufficient for my personal taste.
To be honest, I don’t like those available funny colours too much…


If we’re starting a wishlist - I would like to upload a foto and have this printed on my back cover. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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