Please ship me a fairphone

Hi, could a sustainability angel out there please help ship me a fairphone 3? The only ones I can find through eBay are grossly profiteering. :frowning: I’m willing to pay a fair mark up for the shipping and handling…

I wish fairphone would just allow me to buy one, shipped to Australia noting that I won’t be covered by repairs etc.

There’s a forum-managed list of resellers that includes indications of whether a reseller will ship internationally. Vireo has been recommended in the past. Note that other than shipping costs, you may need to pay customs charges, taxes and/or other fees on arrival. These are usually collected by the carrier before delivery. You’d need to check with your government / customs agency what costs apply (and with the carrier for their fees for handling customs clearance, if any). These costs can be a substantial amount (e.g. in Europe I’ve paid 40% of the purchase price (clarification: not a Fairphone, just an imported product) in additional taxes and fees, your mileage may vary)


… when available …

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I have just checked the australian customs homepage for customs and taxes.
It seems, the GST (Goods and Services Tax) will be paid by the vendor at the point of sale and not at the border.
That is for importing goods by post or mail with a value of 1,000 AUD or less (around 555 EURO).
The vendor will normally add this to the price.

When buying with clove for example:

For a full delivery destination list and costs of shipping to each country, please add your required items to the basket, proceed to checkout and select the delivery destination.

Shipping options and relevant pricing will then be provided.

Just for clarification: I haven’t tested it; so it’s just an educated guess.

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I quickly checked AvocadoStore and there is an option to ship the FP3 internationally.
You pay 49,90 € (89.88 AUD) for the (international) Individual shipping and it is possible to give Australia as your shipping address.


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