Please help! All my messages have disappeared

Just restarted my FP2 (it sometimes needs that to pick up the WiFi again), and now all my messages have disappeared…any suggestions for how to find them?? (I’m a technical novice!) Also apologies if I’m not using the forum right, this is a first… Many thanks, Fran

Are you using a microSD card?

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Welcome to the forum, Fran!

Someone else had the same issue some time ago, and it was resolved in the thread linked below. Something to try perhaps?


Hmmm, thank you. I’ve followed the steps you suggested to this other person, and the back up & restore seems to have completed ok but messages haven’t popped back into my SMS app…any other ideas??

Is it bad that I dont know??! :roll_eyes:
How would I find out?

Is your phone rooted? If it is, we can more easily find out if your messages are still there.

Sorry I dont even know what it being “rooted” means??

If you don’t know what it is, your phone is not rooted. No worries.

One thing to try is to install an alternative SMS app, such as QKSMS. It’s available from the Google Play Store, or from F-Droid. Can you install QKSMS, open it and see if it does see your SMS messages?


Bingo! Yep, they’re there now…


Fantastic. Just in QKSMS, or also in your usual SMS app?

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Oh wow, back in SMS too - I hadn’t thought to check! Thank you.


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