Please give us a plain FRIENDLY smiley [It's here, thank you! :) ]

Whoa! Nice one @urs_lesse!

Without spaces obviously:
:frowning: = : (
:slight_smile: = : )
:woot: = : woot :

Unfortunately I can’t use ^^ for the :woot: smiley as @Stefan suggested (it simply won’t let me.)
So this smiley is now called woot (if you don’t agree suggestions are more then welcome.)

The only smiley that is missing now and needs a new tag is this smiley the old tag of this smiley was
: frowning : but has now been replaced by the :frowning: smiley.
Any suggestions for a new tag we can use for this one? (Edit: :omg: maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: )