Playlists empty after reboot

Hi everybody,
After uninstalling the stock Musicplayer from my FP2 with FP Open OS (I prefer another player) my Playlists are empty everytime when I restart the phone. Unfortunately reinstalling the stock Musicplayer did not resolve the issue. My Music is stored on the external SD-Card and the Playlist folder was there, too. I tried the following things:

  • reinstalling the stock Musicplayer and managing the Playlists using it
  • Moving the Playlists-Folder to the internal storage
  • remounting the SD-Card

When I look at the files in the Playlists-Folder, they are all 0Byte Files so I guess the Musicplayers “forget” to write the actual Data into the files, but I don’t know how to change that behavior.

I’m pretty sure it’s a user error since it worked fine until I removed the stock player but it would make me really happy if this could be resolved without reinstalling the Phone.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

The playlists of most musicplayers are stored within the media-database of the phone. If there’s any trouble with the database, it will be rebuilt and gone are the playlists. I tried several musicplayers (about 10) and found none, that stores its playlists as m3u ore similar (as files). If you find any, tell us here …

Solution for me: i use “Pretty Good Music Player” This app plays files in folders. At start is shows a line “All”, if you tap on it then your music-folders too. I use the folders as playlists and have sorted my music as I want the playlists to be into the folders (named “Rock”, “Soft”, Pop-old", and so on).

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so the problem is the media database.
I appreciate your reccomendation but since I don’t want to copy my music several times to have songs in different Playlists, the folder based solution is not what I want to use.

Is there anything I can do so the database will not be rebuilt after the next boot?

Simply: no. Just find a player that uses playlists as files.

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OK, in that case I’ll go back to rocketplayer I’m glad it’s available outside the playstore.

I have the same problem. This is ridiculous?!
How can I not be able to use the music player I want?

You can download and use any music player you want.

No matter which player I use, all my playlists are empty after a reboot :confused:

@Spielmops can you recommend one?

Unfortunately not! I made a wish to the developers of Vanilla Music and they found the idea good and are trying to work that into their app, but at this time I do not know more.

I use Pretty Good Music Player and have the music on my SD-card devided into folders: Soft, Pop, Rock, usw. This way the folders represent “playlists” and these lists stay! Regardless, what Android want, what Google wants, what … until I delete my SD-card. :wink:


Thanks, Spielmops.
I think I’ll wait for Vanilla Music to patch it in then.
If I organized my playlists as folders, the same mp3s would exist multiple times and take up space I wouldnt want to waste so pointlessly^^

So follow this: Issuetracker on Github

The problem is, that the music stored on the sdcard is accessible after just a minute after
reboot. Before that, the media db gets emptied, and also all playlists. I have to restore a
backup after every reboot. And yes, I also did the platform.xml workaround to get rw
permissions on the sdcard.

How about adding the music to the internal drive by shifting it with Amaze?
This could solve the timeout of the SD-card that seems to cause loss of playlists.

The current Vanilla Player confuses the pictures connected to the sound files (as well as the stock player, but here is little less confusion). I didn’t try Rocket Player so far, maybe I shoud.^^

This is a solution (moving the mp3s to system memory), but my sd card is stuffed with music and i would like to keep it there^^

I had another idea: How about saving especially the playlists on the internal storage?
They do not use much space as the sound files themselves.
Playlists saved anywhere on my computer can be used. You only need to pass the paths to the music.
This should be possible on a phone which is in fact a computer.

Only I lack any knowledge, how this might work, for there is no corresponding menu point in the preferences of any player I tried.

I am using vanilla music. It has nearly the same features than the stock player,
however it has replay gain support. Since the last version, it uses its own media
library. Till now, my playlists are kept after a reboot.

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At think I found a musicplayer which fits to some wishes: “Music Player für Pad/Phone” from “SimoSoft Project”. It is independent from the phones mediascanner, can handle the external sdcard too and creates real playlists as files. It looks best in landscape mode …

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