Playground: Features of this forum

Setting a deleted answer as solution.
Edit: Bad idea

Trying a details tag

··· This is a test and it works. Cool! The code I used:
<details class='elided'>
<summary title='Description'></summary>

I don’t see a difference…

I guess that’s because you’re using the Fairphone-Original theme of the forum. I tried switching to it just to see and I indeed can’t see the difference either.

That’s what is to be seen with the new theme:


What’s the advantage compared to the [DETAILS] tag of the forum?

Objectively, none, it just seemed cool and I wanted to try it out :upside_down_face:
It also looks nicer if you don’t want to give a title to the details tag.

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Never mind, just wanted to see something.

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I try to mention @angels_munich here…

There seems to be some glitch there :thinking:

What should appear as “technical details” when you mention @angels_munich ?

I’m talking about the…


That doesn’t seem right to me.

Ok, you’re right. The weird thing is that in some browsers I don’t see that part…:

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You are right, I even managed to find one (Falkon), that doesn’t show

Technical group details

at all :see_no_evil:

And I noticed there are behind > Technical group details in your screenshot and that’s not in my first one either.
This is weird! :thinking:

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Folks, I don’t really see a big issue here. You are viewing an abbreviated preview of the group profile, and it naturally varies between browsers (with their different settings, note the differing font sizes in your screenshots) how much the preview shows. The full profile is only shown when you visit it.


I can give some background here :smiley: The “Technical group details” were an attempt to store Fairphone Community Map details directly with the group. (So that they show up in the groups JSON endpoint).