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Merkwürdig. Aber ich werds ausbessern.


Bei mir auf dem FP2 sind sie untereinander angeordnet.


Tables seem to be “invisible” in Wiki change logs. See https://forum.fairphone.com/t/list-of-angels-heavens/31592

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Oooh. Ohhh. Lineage 15.1 (testing)

Aha, am I? How come - am I just not logged in enough?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…or accessible?


That topic is only visible to #fairphoneangels.


Thanks for this info. I didn´t know there was a classified space for them.


The actual issue can be seen by everyone in my own post a bit further up:

When you click on the grey pencil icon to see what changes I made to the table, you get to see – nothing.  


Can I link poll options?

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Clicked on both links just to see to where they lead. Was not disappointed.


My computer didn’t like it apparently, this happened right after I voted :laughing:



Thunderbird is an email client.
Now I’m curious :slight_smile:


Maybe on your machine…smiley

I’m in control of a massive Mozilla hunter on my rig…:smile:

listed #176


One of the recent upgrades seems to have fixed this problem. Changes to tables can now be easily seen in the HTML and the two-column HTML change log. :slight_smile:

List of Fairphone Superhero cities

List of cities

Note by @urs_lesse: We will only add those cities to the #superheromap which have a :white_check_mark:

Status Country City or area Username of maintainer
:white_check_mark: :us: Gotham City BruceWayne, Robin
:white_check_mark: :us: Metropolis Clark_Kent, Lois_Lane
:white_check_mark: :de: Walhalla Siegfried, HagenvonT