Oooh. Ohhh. Lineage 15.1 (testing)

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Yes, I want to go home and rethink my life, but anyway … I didn’t find it online, so I started to do it myself and learned a lot.
So have fun exploring, filling in some blanks and correcting any mistakes and inconsistencies :slight_smile:


I installed lineages OS 15.1 by wiping the system, then I enabled the encryption. Now from TWRP 3.2.2-0 I cannot access the data even by typing the encryption password. How can I update the OS?


You don’t need TWRP to decrypt data (*) in order to update the OS. Just press cancel and then adb sideload.

(*) This is a known issue and not a FP2-specific bug.


The changes for FP2 are now merged into lineage-15.1 branches. I hope we’re good to go soon.



… or install from SD card (Install - Select Storage).

The issue is that TWRP can’t decrypt data yet when encrypted with LineageOS 15.1.
That it doesn’t need to decrypt data for OS installs rather saves the day :slight_smile: .


Wow, that looks like it was a lot of work! :+1: And now I get this post. :sweat_smile:


We’re ready to go: https://review.lineageos.org/#/c/LineageOS/hudson/+/221293/

Please don’t forget when upgrading first time to official 15.1 that you also have to flash new gapps for 15.1 otherwise: bootlooping.

For all the testers, you have to reinstall (or somehow find a zip that migrates the keys - there are some docs somewhere how to do it).



Question: Do I have to do anything special when upgrading from 14.1 Nightly to 15.1 Nightly? Do I have to wipe/format my data partition? (I hope not…)


As is common in IT … the answer to that which saves you from most of any potential trouble is the answer you least want to hear :wink: .


No, you should not need to wipe. You have to flash directly after 15.1 the new 15.1 gapps without rebooting in between.



These settings are now in …


  • Apps & notifications (Permissions, default apps)
    • Advanced
      • Default apps


Does installing 15.1 now work with a 14.1-encrypted data partition?
It’s not mentioned under Known issues any more.


Migration zip for 14.1 testing to 14.1 official should still work hopefully.


Build installed via TWRP 3.2.2-0 (Releases)

The following things work for me so far:

  • call / be called
  • send SMS / receive SMS
  • internet via WiFi
  • internet via mobile network
  • location
  • compass
  • screenshot
  • main camera (new module, flash works correctly with Open Camera)
  • selfie camera (new module)
  • USB connection to PC / MTP
  • alarm
  • MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.9
  • root (Settings - Developer Settings - Root Access)
  • WiFi hotspot
  • Bluetooth (music playback, data connection)
  • FM radio


A minor issue I came across:

Settings - System - System profiles - cogwheel right beside Default / Silent / Vehicle (doesn’t matter) - Preferred network type (name of SIM card in slot 1)

… crashes (“LineageOS Settings has stopped”, or “keeps stopping” if you do it again).


Thank you very much! (Albeit I don’t use GSuite… Which makes migration even easier.)

Is there anything a thankful beneficiary could do to keep you happily doing what you’re doing?


Awesome ! Thank you a lot Chris :smiley:
We just need to wait for tomorrow for an official 15.1 build, right now there are only 14.1 ones :wink:


Apparently, @chrmhoffmann doesn’t have the 12 megapixel camera yet ! An idea could be to collectively buy one for him as a gift, what do you think ??


Woaw! That was a super fast development! Congratulations and many thanks!!
Two questions:

  • I guess that means that there will be also a lineage+microg-Version then?
  • How does the upgrade work if my phone is currently encrypted (TWRP 3.2.2.-0)? Could you tell me the steps I need to take?

Many thanks again! The camera module sounds like an idea!


It has not been approved yet, so we most likely miss this week’s build.


  • How does the upgrade work if my phone is currently encrypted (TWRP 3.2.2.-0)? Could you tell me the steps I need to take?

I have the same question.