Play store and system update are incredibly slow

I got pretty good internet speed 36Mbps. However the system update which is only 350.9Mb so far took 8 hours to get to about 20%

Exactly the same situation in Play Store.

With that said I can watch youtube videos in hd with no buffering or browsing internet.

Anyone else has experienced this and managed to solve it?

Any firewall App that might interfere?

The phone is vanilla no apps installed apart from audible and whats app

Also, the Bluetooth is disabled, should be no interference

Internet says …

And the OS update mechanism seems somehow linked to the underlying Google services … so perhaps solving one of the issues might solve the other, too.

Good news and bad news, I got ahold of another phone and same problem, so it’s not the fairphone. But is the system update stored on google servers? If so the issue has to be with google servers.

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It is. (Earlier example)

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That explains it. Frankly I can’t remember when the last time I had a problem like that.

Google you have failed me for the last time again!

Not Google’s fault. Turned off the wifi and the speed came back. I don’t understand why such a reaction to wifi, I’m using my laptop and the wifi is perfectly fast.

Now question is how to download the system update on a mobile network without wi-fi? It says waiting for unmetered wifi?

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Can the laptop tether its internet connection?
Windows 10 can, at least.

Yep made no difference. Still snail speed apps and system update, as soon as I go back to mobile data downloads instantaneously.

I will leave the update overnight, and if speed will not change it will take me 2 days to download that system update.

Also if I change from wifi to mobile and back to wifi the download gets paused after 10 seconds so I have to restart the phone.

It could be that my ISP is really far away from android servers.

Maybe the hint about “waiting for unmetered wifi” is worth a try.
If I understood it correctly a metered connection is restricted to avoid costs. If you have unlimited wifi try this:
Have a look at your FP3’s wifi settings and open the cogwheel to the right of your wifi name. Scroll down to “Advanced” an see if you can change the Metered option. By default it is set to automatically detect. If that doesn’t work, change it to unmetered.

If that solves your problem it raises the question why your device automatically recognizes your home wifi as metered. Is this a router setting?

Good luck!


Thanks but metered or unmetered, the wifi is unusable to download apps, update apps or download system updates. Which is strange because it is super fast otherwise.

Concerning the problem somehow I managed to download it through mobile network, I just kept clicking to resume and it gave in.

Luckily I have enough data allowance so I can live with mobile data downloads.

This issue is not rare it seems as I have done some research and a lot of people had/have this issue and the reason was not identified.

If it is a router I have no knowledge to screw around with it.
It must be ISP limiting download speed from google servers. Oh well.