Has anybody received the latest security update yet?

Are updates now rolled out in batches? I cannot seem to be able to retrieve this one yet. It doesn’t require a Google Play Store account, does it?

Update: Ah, nevermind … I guess this confirms it:

Funny, I have the September update and the update manager says no update available…

Currently I’m on October patch level and no updates available

I can confirm I also got the December update yesterday. I was surprised the update got this quick. I guess they had some backlog of stuff to do, and have caught up. Just a wild guess.

December update FP3 A.0105 received today :sunglasses:


OTA URL for the newest (A.0105) update: https://android.googleapis.com/packages/ota-api/fairphone_fp3_fp3/eab40c208c6bd6899b51e7103822972d7a40336c.zip


If some of you have followed the instructions in this thread Google Apps keep reinstalling/ reactivating and have difficulties in getting the update, this may be of interest for you …


Debating installing this December update. Based on experience does anyone know if a security update in the Fairphone ecosystem can risk preventing/delaying the ability to root the phone/flash lineage when the ability to do so is released?

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Rooting the phone or flashing alternative OSes should have nothing to do with the Fairphone OS security patch level.

Rooting the phone shouldn’t rely on something a security update could change (keeping an old patch level to get or keep root would be a very unhealthy combination potentially exposing the phone to big security risks), and flashing LineageOS would replace Fairphone OS including its security updates anyway, most likely using a custom recovery program.


After installing the Dec.-update, my Camera App did not start anymore (Fairphone’s default app, Version 2.0.002 (12171325-00)).

I had to clear app data in settings to get it working again.

(I had activated the developer options, perhaps that’s related - after clearing app data, I could launch the app and also activate the developer options again.)


This happened to me too. Might be related to the HDR changes that are mentioned in the update

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Thanks for the info! In that case I’ll update. Is it safe to say that in the future, the ability to root the phone will be independent of any possible security exploits? I just remember in the past certain manufacturers weren’t really on board with that kind of thing and sometimes updates would limit options to get the ball rolling by fixing vulnerabilities. I’m guessing Fairphone is probably much better in regards to that, I’m just wondering what happens/is needed to better actualize a transition when a compatible build of lineage is created.

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Nobody here can foresee the future and guarantee you anything :wink: .
On the Fairphone 2 no security exploit was ever needed.
And once again … to use an existing and known security exploit to get or keep root achieves what? A phone wide open to security attacks, as there’s a hole and root. What more could attackers wish for?

I don’t know what you mean by transition.
The way LineageOS works you will most likely use a custom recovery to install it. This custom recovery is not here yet for the Fairphone 3, but the bootloader can be unlocked, so if it was here, you could install it. And then whatever OS was on the phone with whatever patch level doesn’t matter, as it gets replaced by installing LineageOS using the custom recovery.


That’s good to know. As for the other stuff/things that were unclear were me just assuming that the firmware could be updated with the security patch and possibly make the process harder somehow. I was probably overthinking in this case.

This is how it works on Apple iOS because you cannot downgrade iOS. It does not work like this on Android. The bootloader is unlocked by default, or easily unlocked.

EDIT: As @AnotherElk put above:

(keeping an old patch level to get or keep root would be a very unhealthy combination potentially exposing the phone to big security risks)

(The same is true for iOS. Jailbreak == risky.)


Well put, I could not agree more. Full ACK!

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Still no update available and I’m still on September security patch .
I’m starting to think there may be something going wrong…

Hi Tom,

So why don’t you give the OTA link above a try?

If the (staged) rollout of the recent updates has not yet reached your phone, something must have gone wrong for sure.

Good luck with the install!

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Thanks for the advice!
What do I do with the zip file once I’ve downloaded it?
The update manager doesn’t offer to install files manually.

There’s a link behind “try” :wink: