Play Pokemon go

After a lot of trials and errors, I managed to run Pokemon Go v0.39.1 on FP2 OpenOS 16.08 :slight_smile:
The trick was to remove the su binaries in /system/bin and /system/xbin, then install the correct versions of Magisk, systemless Xposed and phh superuser…

I put the details in this post : How to be able to install and use any app on FP Open OS [meta discussion]

Now I’m able to play again !

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this won’t help me to figure out how to play pokemon go on FP1, will it?

Update : this week update of SafetyNet / DroidGuard now blocks solutions to hide root binaries, like phh’s hidesu and SuperSU suhide. For now, the way I went through it is :

  • remove Magisk/Xposed/systemless root (with an FP OS update or a previous TWRP backup)
  • use Tingle to patch framework.jar
  • remove /system/bin/su and /system/xbin/su

I loose root access (I’m waiting for a better solution) but at least I can play Pokemon Go with MicroG :slight_smile: !

New version of Pokemon Go, new difficulties to play on FP-OpenOS… :frowning:

Now, apparently the “CTS profile match = false” prevents the game from launching.
I wonder if a fresh ROM of FP-OpenOS is passing the CTS test or not…

Some tricks to inverstigate:

  • install rootswitch.apk from shakalaca ? (the new magical way of contourning the root detection, according to this link)
  • restore “boot” from FP2-OS ? or boot and system ? (cfr this forum)
  • add the following command in a file init.d

setenforce 1

Playing this game on custom ROMs is becoming more and more difficult…

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Yup, thanks Google (I don’t play Pokémon GO but Ingress has similar issues)

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Really strange… Yesterday I couldn’t log-in. Today I didn’t install nor uninstall anything, but I can log-in.
Still have the CTS profile false…

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Well maybe yesterday there was a server issue.
Maybe that’s why they alienate a huge trunk of their user base: to make sure their servers are not constantly overwhelmed.


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