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Maybe you can find a solution here:

Thank you all. That’s no good news. I did run the microG device Self-Check. All options are checked. So I assume It’s right: The new version of Pokemon Go is not working with modified OS anymore.

Meanwhile, I thought about to install the OS with Google again to avoid such issues. On the other hand I don’t feel good with that idea, because I don’t want to give google too much data.

What about just don’t add the google account data to the phone? Everything should be fine, since I can still use raccoon to get the 6 apps from PlayStore I am working with and transfer them to my phone with USB.
My open source apps from F-Froid are running on a “google” OS as well. Nothing need to be changed on this end.

What do you think about this? Isn’t microG just an kind of trimmed open source Google framework?

Yes, you can try that. Just not using a Google Account will not be enough though as GAPPS still communicate to the server. You could disable most Google Apps or even try to delete them. That would be Method 3 in this Wiki.

Microg is a FLOSS project that has the goal to substitute many Google Services (all except for anti services like AdMafia or whatever it’s called) and integrate them into the Android System in a way that lets Android and installed Apps believe that it’s Google. (Same Package names …).

@all: I tried Magisk on a fresh Open OS and it didn’t work. Even though I installed the recommended Superuser the Magisk manager kept saying “root not implemented correctly - Android Pay won’t work” (so Pokemon won’t either).

Next I’ll try FP OS, flash Magisk, flash Root, uninstall all GAPPS with Titanium Backup and see if it works then. (Maybe the problem with Open OS is that a different root method is already implemented)

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Since the official FP OS is Android 4.2 you won’t be able to play Pokémon Go. It needs 4.4.2 and this is only possible with the macadamia alpha release or something like cynagenmod afaik.

@uwedd was talking about FP2 OS, which is Android 5.1 (s/he came from FP2 Open OS)

As far as Open OS is rooted, Pokemon GO won’t work. You can try to unroot it (flashing FP2 GMS OS’s boot.img, maybe?) and then applying Magisk stuff. Complex one, it may not work after all.

Annoying SafetyNet and bad decission from Niantic… “one does harm, and another bears the blame”.


I’ll try to get refund from Niantic, since the in-game buy can ot be used anymore.

This makes sense.

FP Open out of the box is not rooted. At least FastGPS isn’t working on my phone, which tells me it is not rooted.


It is. Just a switch in the developer settings. The su binary is preinstalled, so I guess SafetyNet detects it anyway.

I installed the pico version of opengapps, but sadly pokemon go 0.37 still blocks at the same place in the loading screen…

It looks like marvin (the author of microG) will implement SafetyNet in the near future:
Issue on GitHub
So we hopefully won’t need OpenGApps (but some workaround for the root detection…).


@Chrisb @oli.sax: OpenGapps was never needed, that’s what microg was for. The current situation is only caused by niantic blocking rooted and modified systems.

That’s great news! @larma is the best! :smiley: (And not just because he makes it possible for us to play pokemon!)

For now my workaround is: Play pokemon on an old iPad without GPS or a SIM. I use my FP’s wifi hotspot and can still only play near wifis so I don’t get the “GPS not available” error. I figure if I use an iPad with a fake Apple ID for nothing else than Pokemon neither niantic nor apple will gather much relevant data from me.

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Does anyone has tested pokemon go v0.39.1 with FP2 open OS16.06.0 (or higher) ??
Because now, Niantic has blocked the connection with v0.35 for all !!


I’m trying to ! :slight_smile:
There is a new version of microG implementing SafetyNet (cfr Chrisb link) !

I’m still trying to figure out what are the exact prerequisites, mar-v-in is speaking of

  • “Update microG Services Core to 0.2.4-20”
  • “Install microG DroidGuard Helper from the f-droid repository”
  • a specific root app (“supersu does not work. You have to be using topjohnwu’s magisk and with phh’s superuser”)
  • a specific version of Xposed (“systemless xposed, also by topjohnwu”)
  • i’m not sure if Magisk is mandatory, or RootCloak can be used instead…

This is quite a lot of new information for me, but i’ll try to test all that :wink:

After a lot of trials and errors, I managed to run Pokemon Go v0.39.1 on FP2 OpenOS 16.08 :slight_smile:
The trick was to remove the su binaries in /system/bin and /system/xbin, then install the correct versions of Magisk, systemless Xposed and phh superuser…

I put the details in this post : How to be able to install and use any app on FP Open OS [meta discussion]

Now I’m able to play again !

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this won’t help me to figure out how to play pokemon go on FP1, will it?

Update : this week update of SafetyNet / DroidGuard now blocks solutions to hide root binaries, like phh’s hidesu and SuperSU suhide. For now, the way I went through it is :

  • remove Magisk/Xposed/systemless root (with an FP OS update or a previous TWRP backup)
  • use Tingle to patch framework.jar
  • remove /system/bin/su and /system/xbin/su

I loose root access (I’m waiting for a better solution) but at least I can play Pokemon Go with MicroG :slight_smile: !

New version of Pokemon Go, new difficulties to play on FP-OpenOS… :frowning:

Now, apparently the “CTS profile match = false” prevents the game from launching.
I wonder if a fresh ROM of FP-OpenOS is passing the CTS test or not…

Some tricks to inverstigate:

  • install rootswitch.apk from shakalaca ? (the new magical way of contourning the root detection, according to this link)
  • restore “boot” from FP2-OS ? or boot and system ? (cfr this forum)
  • add the following command in a file init.d

setenforce 1

Playing this game on custom ROMs is becoming more and more difficult…

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Yup, thanks Google (I don’t play Pokémon GO but Ingress has similar issues)

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Really strange… Yesterday I couldn’t log-in. Today I didn’t install nor uninstall anything, but I can log-in.
Still have the CTS profile false…

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Well maybe yesterday there was a server issue.
Maybe that’s why they alienate a huge trunk of their user base: to make sure their servers are not constantly overwhelmed.


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