Plastic-free FP3 cases kickstarter – any experience with this company?

I just stumbled about this April kickstarter project for (aside from five other smartphone types) a Fairphone 3 case that is supposed to be made of linseed plant waste and 100% bio-degradable.

The initiator Swedish company already offers cases with such features for two iPhone models:

I have only just noticed this and of course, cannot say anything about the viability of the project and the company itself. But maybe someone else here can contribute more?


Nice idea.
Unfortunately, it seems the campaign is not gonna make it.

But the shop is a nice find (in my opinion):

They even offer a 3-in-1 USB-cable made from recycled materials where you can plug in 3 devices with just this one cable (Lightning / USB-C / Micro USB)


Looks really good. I hope they can make it in a future campaign!


Just this posting by @urs_lesse seems to have been kind of successful.
Since yesterday there have been 2 new orders for the FP3 cover.

Unfortunately they would need another 954 orders.
I wonder, if Fairphone themselves could somehow cooperate with them.
@lorahaspels, @rae ?
As they state on their campaign page, they are in contact with Fairphone already for the 3D files.

Maybe we could pin this topic and the campaign will have a chance to succeed.
This thread seems to have generated 5 new orders within a day.
But I am a bit refluctant, since it’s a business and I don’t know for sure, if such should be promoted on the forum.


Let’s wait a bit first … I checked it out a bit and the kickstarter seems to have only started on friday (3 April), and frankly their starting announcement could have been done a bit better here and there. And then I also remember how Fairphone’s own crowdloaning campaign in the summer of 2018 achieved a sudden increase of funding pledges in the final few days.

And while I think the general idea of A Good Company seems to fit in very very well with Fairphone’s aims, I could understand if Fairphone wouldn’t want to fully throw themselves behind it just when they are in the middle of producing and releasing their own case.


True, and I initially missed the starting date.
But I would not expect them to create such kind of sales figures as Fairphone for various reasons.

  • They will not receive the same kind of media reception, since the product is not a revolution to the market.
  • The late surge in sales figures with Fairphone was always caused by Fairphone themselves, as they made “big deals” with telco-companies, adding a few thousand phones in one instant. I wonder, if they are working on such deals as well.

I was aware of the covers produced by Fairphone themselves and share your feeling, that they will be hesitant promoting a competitor.
Still I always opt for “Asking doesn’t hurt!:wink:

And maybe some support for the campaign in this forum might at least help them get the 3D files they need.
(And the prints they offer (organic paint), are really something different.)

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If they will keep at it eventually they will find backers. 24K is not a big number.


how durable will be the £25 case, I see no info about that, also I don’t know nothing about the shipment price.

Seems the have a lot of experience with iphones.

No idea about durability.
But shipping makes for an additional 40 SEK (so 340 SEK in total) worldwide.
Since they obviously are in the shops with their Apple covers (judging by the pictures), one could hope for some durability as well.

Still slow pledging … but the pattern remains: Fairphone 3 users are the clear majority (11/18) among the six smartphones for which the cases would be made for.

I think it is due to people not wanting to register on kickstarter. I wonder how much they have to invest into the production process, maybe they can just make a batch and see how it goes?

From what I remember from their project description, these won’t be fragile 3-D-printed cases, but made with actual moulds. So that probably sets a considerable cost base before you can even produce the first case and will probably only break even from a certain number of cases sold.

And yes, required registration is always an (at least psychological) barrier.


You can support as a guest without registration - like I did. :wink:

They have some cost-breakdown on the kickstarter page:
Of the needed 297,940 SEK
130,000 is for prototyping and
40,000 is for production

Therefore it would take quite a few orders to finance just the protoyping.
Right now, it seems, that they could save on this, if they don’t have to go into production with all the advertised covers.
If they maybe receive enough orders for the FP3 alone, they could opt for offering just that cover. Though I guess, that it’s “all or nothing” with such platforms as kickstarter.
If they don’t make it, that’s it, the supporter will not be charged and they don’t get no money.
They might need to start a new campaign for the FP3 alone.

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Their goal is 26,934 EUR. They’re sitting at 552 EUR as it is. This is ~2.05% of the target goal. They have 23 days to go. They had 7 days of campaigning. Perhaps they had a slow start, perhaps some kind of miracle is going to happen. Realistically, it just does not look good for this project to reach its goal. So they’ll going to have to adapt.

I don’t need another case (I went with Anna Treurniet’s), and I’m avoiding Kickstarter for the time being as I recently got scammed there for ~200 EUR on there, and they do Jack Squat about it (they banned me for a month for “doxxing” the “entrepreneurs”).


You may find some catharsis in Drop-Kicker. Its owner stopped updating it four years ago, but it still makes for salacious reading for the tech-minded.


Even if they gather enough it will take months before actually I get a case from them. The fp cases are taking ages as well. I’m thinking of making my own silicone case at this point for £3

Thanks, interesting read. I’m trying to stay away from projects like these unless they seem credible (such as Solo/Somu) and not overly expensive. Thus far I got a better signal to noise ratio with Crowdsupply.

The project I got scammed with, is actually my girlfriend who decided to buy it (and I paid for it with credit card). It was a non-technical product, but ironically you could say it is related to something like a phone case, as it was a weighted blanket (scam). Since then, I bought another one which was slightly cheaper, arrived within a week, but isn’t eco and is for one person only. It has some double stitching which hopefully keeps the beads in place.

Since the company behind this project is already in business with other devices, I don’t fear to be scammed here.
Unfortunately, I guess my initial feeling that this project doesn’t succeed was correct.
Just 750 $ so far, i.e. 2.5 % of the target within one week.
Not exactly promising.

Well at least they will know there is demand among fairphone users.

I would love to have a wooden case for my FP3, nothing super fancy high-end 3d printed or beamed here from outer space or so, just a simple pure, sustainable wooden case. Has anyone seen something like that around for the FP3?

Me too and I was making one the other day and I was very close to completing it but had a sudden realization, a wooden case makes no sense. What?

If it is soft wood it would snap from a fall/shock, if it is a very hard wood like hickory it would have to have some cushioning inside, in other words with the fp3 being on the bulky side already and with a wooden case(that actually works) it would struggle in your pocket.

A rubber case makes sooooo much more sense.