Pictures are too bright in 48MP

Just curious if i’m the only one with this bug or if you have it too…

When I take a “High Pixel” picture (48MP), the resulting picture is ugly because too bright :

Taking the exact same picture in “4:3” (12MP) gives this different result:

EDIT: I didn’t remember of this when I made the first tries when received my FP4, so it could be linked to the last A.094 update…

EDIT2: with 12MP the writing “HDR” (High Dynamic Range) is set automatically when I’m pointing at the sky, with 48MP this is not the case → it could be the cause of this difference :slight_smile:

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I can reproduce tendency to overexposure in 48mp. Also with HDR disabled in normal mode.



Mmmmh … I love red bricks (clinker). :blush: Home feeling.

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It’s even worse with snow (as expected). Even the non HDR ones don’t show that behaviour.

I kind of prefer the non HDR ones, HDR adds a strang blue glow to the shadows.


Someone should create a support ticket about that.


I did, here is the answer:

thanks for raising this with us. This has been passed on to R&D for investigation.


Just to follow up, one reason I bought the FP4 was the 48mp picture possibility.
However, as described the pictures become over exposed on a sunny day, but on an overcast day with low dynamic range, the pictures look much better.
Hopefully the quality of the 48mp option improves later on.

I have the same issue

Just for information, the 48MP pictures appears quite a lot better after having installed the latest update:
Software Version: FP4.FP3S.A.103.20220221
Security Patch Level: 5th of February, 2022


Do you have any comparison pictures in equal conditions? Or could it be that the conditions happened to be better with your latest test?

I also notice that the quality of 48Mb photos has improved a lot after the latest update.



I just took a few pictures in circumstances where the they would have appeared washed out with no details in highlights.
Here is a test after the update.

Before the update it would have been very light, impossible see details.


It wouldn’t hurt to double check with support if this was really fixed or maybe just a fluke, just in Kees :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the information. it’s awesome. I can verify that the 48M photos are much better now after the Update.

StockCam in Action Mode:


Hi-Res mode before the February update:

And after the February update (taken just few minutes after the first picture, focussing in the same spot):

The exposure is much better now, without blown-out highlights. The shadows are obviously darker, but you can lift them in post if desired.


welcome to the community and thank you for taking the time to share youre results


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