Picture viewer app: what's your choice?

Hey guys,
I owned the Fairphone 1. To finance the Fairphone 2 I sold my first edition and ordered the FP2. In the meantime I borrowed a iPhone from a friend. I really liked the picture viewer app where all pictures are in a row and without different folders for every app etc. Is there an iOS-like app for android available? any suggestions? :wink:

Hi Jonathan,
just had a similar problem these days as I did not find the old style galery which I had on my old Samsung again on my Fairphone. Worse, I did not find any picture viewer at all which I would want to use.
Some searching later yesterday I installed MyRoll from the Playstore. There you have a “all folders” option. I like that.
However, I’m not at all sure if that is any simular to the I Phone thing.

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I had a similar issue, missing the Gallery app from my old Motorola. I’ve been trying out an app called Focus, and it’s great - does the job perfectly.

I use “QuicPic” app. If you want to install this app please note: get last good older version QuickPic Version 4-5-2 Popular Photo Gallery App QuickPic Has Been Bought By Cheetah Mobile company !!!


Hmm, wasn’t aware QuickPic was bought by Cheetah Mobile.
That’s really not cool, though it is still the best app I know to do this kind of stuff. Been using it for a long time already.

Maybe I roll back to 4.5 or go searching for something new…

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thank you all, that helped a lot =)

Thanks for the link! I did notice the app didn’t change for the good, but I didn’t realize the reason…

The Android one on the FP2 is like that. Unless I’m missing the point.

Recently, a (slightly more) advanced open-source Gallery app has been added to F-Droid: LeafPic. The corresponding Github site contains some screenshots.

I haven’t tested it yet, because I use the preinstalled open-source AOSP Gallery app, which is fine for me.


I find it strange that there is no gallery app installed on Fairphone 2. Cannot find anything in “all apps”. There is not even a link from the camera to to a gallery viewer - how am I supposed to look at the taken pictures?

However, when I use whats app I can then access a “gallery” (a violet icon) which seems to be the one of the phone as it shows all pictures including camera,whats app etc. This icon is also next to the other native fairphone links including access to contacts, camera etc.
Why cant I access this internal gallery from the main fairphone screen?

Google “Photos” is the default gallery app on Fairphone 2. Don’t you find it on your phone?

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Yes, I find Google Foto … ok, than this is supposed to be the photo app indedd … but I needed to install it before being able to use it … and I would feel more comfortable with a proper tool which doesn not connect to all those google online cloud services … privacy!

And why don’t you install a “proper” picture viewer? Read this thread …


Leafpic is good usable now at version 0.3.5


Does Leafpic offer an option to hide a complete folder structure? I have a hierarchic tree of directories containing music and covers on my sd card which I don’t want to view in the gallery.
The last time I 've checked with Leafpic I could only exclude folders directly containing pictures.

using leafpic I cannot rename photos that are stored to the sd-card.
Has anybody found a way to make it work?

Do you have write-rights to the sdcard1? The way for that to work: become root!

I don’t have root, no. But I can save the photos I take with the FP on the SD-card. So I asume I have write-rights. At least for the open-camera-app. Is there a way to assign those rights to leafpic? Is this necessary?

If you want the sdcard to be fully integrated (nearly*) into the system, you have to gain root-right. With those you can modify a file, that controls the sdcard-rights. There’s a thread for that in this forum.

*not every app offers to store its files on sdcard1

You can (now) long press on a folder in your music map. When you do this you can select a folder string and go up one step.
This way I excluded my SD-Card music folder in one go.