Physically add second sim

Just got all the parts, any last words of advice? If not i will let you know what happens.

I will try at first to just solder the parts and if it doesn’t work I’m going to desolder the esims chip


Ok, so i was able to solder the sim slot with enough persistence, but I can’t solder on the other small component. I need to reflow the components on but I have never done it, I don’t have the components and don’t know where I could find the equipment. So I might have to wait a bit to finish this project.
If anybody knows where i could borrow/use that equipment in Montreal, Canada it would be really helpful

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Don’t know if this is the right point in time to get started with this but at least I have seen people using equipment like this to do the job… Other people just use their baking oven as explained here:

It is not uncommon that PCBs have left some roots of states of the development process. As you know I work for an electronics company and we have many products where you can find wireings that never were/will be used.
The reason is just simple. The remove just takes time for changing drawings, new prototypes, additional testing and of course the potential of doing mistakes in the change process. So it is easier to just not placing some parts on the PCB.
Maybe the E-Sim feature was not planed from beginning of the development.

I do use an E-Sim from WeTell and it works pretty well. The potetial of having a physical Sim slot available for a foreign Sim is still a benefit.

Edit: Didn’t read the whole thread by typing this answer. @Patrick1 pointed it out already.


Yo may try to solder it with a hot air gun on 300°C and low airflow.


tried that but I don’t have one with low enough airflow to make it work, but I’m doing research to learn how to do it with an small oven. thanks Martin_Anderseck


If you plan to make yourself a present, I can recommend JBC soldering equipment.


So JBC really seem to be very good gear of top quality… I’m having an eye on some…but haven’t had enough time to get deeper into it for finding my preferred model. So the price seems justified.
Anyway, thanks for the hint.

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Having eSIM available is even more useful since there are apps to get prepaid eSIM in foreign countries if you are traveling.


The german wikipedia article about reflow soldering has details about different reflow soldering processes.

A translation is available using google: Reflow-Löten – Wikipedia


can you recomment an app?

Airalo is one of the most popular ones. Also see this review by Michael Vance, he compared multiple solutions: All International Travel eSIM Apps Reviewed! - YouTube

We have a bit of information as well in the forum wiki for the FP4

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