Phonebook Advance feature supported

When I paired my phone to my car via Bluetooth, I got the message ‘Phonebook Advance feature supported’. I can’t get rid of this message now. Anyone know what this is about?
I’ve seen some references to this online, always linked to OnePlus phones and haven’t found an actual solution yet.
The Bluetooth connection to the car works as expected.

Is that an android auto thing maybe? What happens if you disable the android auto app - does the message still appear? Also is the message displayed by the Phone, by the car, or both?

I wonder who would be able to give a definitive answer what this feature is (Google?)? Not much to find about it online. And doesn’t seem to be related to cars. Though “offers features like read and delivery receipts, is typing notifications, large file transfers, and group chats” does sound as if this could be the case.

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It’s displayed on the phone. (and re. the Android Auto thing, no, it started before I had connected Android Auto and was not solved by connecting Android Auto)

I deleted the BT connections on the phone and in the car and paired again, and now the message is gone.
The BT link with the car now also displays and reads text messages, maybe that’s what it was about. Quite useful.

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