Phone won't start, red LED flashing emitting click-sound ~10 sec

I woke up to a dead phone this morning, when I plug it into the charger, the LED flashes red for a while before going dark. After approx 5min it starts flashing (longer interval) and the speaker emits a click-sound approx every 10sec. None of the buttons work.

If I take the #battery out, it flashes the white led, the vibrator buzzes once before it reboots. If I inser the battery at this stage it immediately goes to flashing red (for a while before going dark again)

I’ve tried taking out the battery for an hour, removed the display to clean the connectors and assembling it again to no avail.

I’ve tried 3 different chargers with different cables (one USB from the computer, one old Samsung S2 charger and a usb-cable for a kindle), none of these work.

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