Phone suddenly stops playing audio app

Hi! I recently downloaded an app with audio tracks for meditation. I soon discovered my phone suddenly stops playing these tracks after fifteen minutes (kind of annoying when in the middle of a session ;-)). Does anybody else have this problem? Any suggestions? I already restarted the phone, reinstalled the app, disabled battery saving, allowed background activity… Thank you!

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Which app is it? Probably a free version with this time limit?

Hello and thank you! No, I’m actually paying ha ha. I already contacted the app owners, who suggested the solutions I mentioned and now don’t know what the problem could be either.

Was the battery charged or not while you were listening?

We still don’t know, which app you are talking about.

If playback always stops after exactly the same time, my first guess would be that there is a problem with the app being able/permitted to keep the FP3 from falling into its usual “sleep mode”.


Hi, thank you for your reply! So does that mean the app has a problem or the phone? In other words, can I solve the problem or should the app builders do something?

Probably unlikely, but anyway: Is it possible to play the audio tracks with a different music app?

No, that’s not possible unfortunately.

One wild guess: Have you activated Energy Saving Mode in Battery settings? I don’t know any details, but that might be more “intrusive” when it comes to putting the phone into sleep.

P.S.: You might also want to check if playing music for more than 15 minutes in a different audio app works or not. If that also stops after 15 minutes, it might not be about your paid app.

Try Settings > Apps and Notifications > ALL APPS
Scroll to your app
Advanced > Battery >App can use battery in background

So what is the app and can you separate the audio tracks?

Hi all, thanks so much for your answers. I had already turned off or checked all battery saving / management, in the phone settings as well as in the app, which is called Healing Hub. I’m not sure how I could play the tracks in a different app and will try to figure that out. The problem doesn’t exist in other audio playing apps. Thank you again.


This one?

There are not many comments and to reach the developers website, you need to register.
Which Android software is running on your phone?

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Android 10. I registered and contacted them but they couldn’t really help. I’ve now asked them if they know of a way for me to listen to the tracks through a different app…

Background activity and battery saving were mentioned … but what about Settings - Apps and notifications - Advanced - Special app access - Battery optimisation?

Is the App optimised or not optimised?
If optimised, try whether setting it to not optimised fixes the issue.

If you download the apk file rather than install it you may unzip the file and maybe find the audio files.

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I don’t think, that the app contains all audio files, they are most probably loaded from the net after the installation. But it doesn’t ha m to give it a try.

Hi and thank you! I turned off all battery saving and optimisation etc. In the phone settings and in the app. But thanks again for your help.

I’ll see if I can find the apk tomorrow morning :wink:

Basically that reminds me of my trials to play internet radio or podcasts through my browser (Lightning and IIRC Firefox, too) on my FP2. There it stops playing after less than 10 minutes and I have to unlock the phone and get to the browser app again to continue listening. When I tried that I also checked all battery saving settings that I could find without any success. My Android programming experience is too small to say what is wrong exactly, however I think it has to make with some settings within the app that good music players just set right and others don’t. And maybe Fairphone uses a rather aggressive power saving method, don’t know.

Sorry I couldn’t help but only confirm…