Phone stop working after 2 days of use

Hi everyone

I hope someone will be able to help me. I received my FP2 few days ago, played with it 2 hours and then… it died. I was texting a friend when the screen froze. I tried a normal reboot… unsuccessful. So I removed the battery, wait a few minutes and put it back. The phone did not turn on but keep vibrating every 2 seconds. The battery was fully charged. The only way to stop the vibrations is to remove the battery. I tried the hard reset, I removed the screen…did not work. The phone keeps vibrating and doesn’t turn on. The phone can be charged, but it keeps vibrating. I tried various cables, plug it into a computer… nothing change, black screen and vibrations…

If anyone has any ideas or even better… a solution it will be wonderful :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks community!!


Sounds similar to this issue:

Try the tips in my first post there.

If that doesn’t help please give us some more info.

Did not work how? Were you able to perform a hard reset and remove the screen but it didn’t change anything or did you never get that far?

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I and thank you for your reply.

When I tried to do an hard reset (holding power button and volume button) the phone keep vibrating but doesn’t turn on, the screen stay black. I removed the screen, nothing seems wrong there, put it back, tried to turn the phone on, but no changes, still vibrating.

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