Phone sound getting worse for calls

I got my FP3 in march, and had issues with phonecall sound not working for a lot of calls. I’ve changed network twice to try and see if it’s sim or network issues, but it didn’t help. I’ve been chatting to the FP team for months about it and they’ve been great, and I’m really reluctant to stop trying, but I’ve missed doctor’s calls, my work and family because I’ve had to reset the phone for nearly each call to get sound. It doesn’t relate to 3G or 4G or signal either. Has anyone else had this more recently than comments I’ve seen. I’m just thinking I spent £400 and now the FP3+ is out and costs less so I’m tempted to ask for them to swap in the hope that that model has less issues. Has anyone been able to do this? The company I bought mine off (laptop direct) won’t do anything since its past three months). I’m hoping they can reuse the main parts elsewhere.

The FP3+ is essentially the same phone with better camera, a better speaker and more recycled plastics and fair materials, being retro-compatible with the FP3. So I don’t think you will have less issues with one than with the other. Though you could ask them to swap with another FP3 hoping it will have less issues. Did you ask them if your problems justified a swap, or at least sending it in for repair? As it’s under guarantee, you should be able.

Did you upgrade to android 10 already?


Hey, yeah I did the upgrade already. The problem with sending it in is I need my phone for work and out of hours, and have no back up. I’ve emailed again today because I’ve not heard back for a while. They said they’re trying to find a solution, but it’s been a while and the issue started in April.
With new model I was also meaning more that if I ask for a new one to swap out, then having the newer additions would make sense as I spent more, and would have eventually upgraded the parts anyway.

There’s a long-running thread about this problem. I don’t think there’s a fix at the moment:

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