Phone potentially lost by UPS when sent back to Fairphone to fix

At the beginning of the month, I finally decided to send back my phone to FP to fix it as it stopped charging properly. I was hesitant about the amount of time it would take with sending to the EU post-Brexit, but I was assured it wouldn’t take long.

Weeks later and my phone has potentially been lost by UPS as the tracking keeps going all over the place saying it has passed clearance than not passed clearance. FP not getting back to me and UPS keep stalling. What am I supposed to do?

Presumably Fairphone sent you a label to package the phone, or the couriers did when they picked it up.

You say Fairphone haven’t got back to you, but after what? Have you emailed

There definitely isn’t a ‘supposed to do’ on your part as on Fairphone and UPS it’s upto them to sort it out.

The Brexit issue is still ongoing and there are a number or reports of delay, I can’t get port from Portugal via my supplier.

You can ask Fairphone for replacement phone on the argument that a) yours is considered lost and b) a replacement would stop you having to consider legal action over Fairphone’s inability to live up to a reasonable expectation of service under warranty. Though by time you took any legal action it may well have been resolved.

I can understand this must be very disappointing and inconvenient even if you have the use of another phone.

Have you tried calling Fairphone?

If you have a ticket number from the last contact you had with Fairphone you may like to add it here as there are a number of users here @rae that have a pretty direct contact with Fairphone and can take up the issue for you.

Given the current climate ~ saying all that three weeks is not overly long sadly

Yes, I used the label and invoice Fairphone sent me.
I have contacted them about the delivery issue on the same ticket as the broken phone issue - 429219.

I agree it’s for FP to do something but at the moment they are not and I am stuck with a very old crap phone.

Thanks for your help.

I imagine Fairphone have to chase up UPS as it they who hired UPS.

When was the last time you heard from Fairphone, what did they say and what’s the detail on your contact since then?

Last thing I heard was on the 12th:

"Thank you for the tracking number. I have shared this info with our after sales team, they will contact UPS and solve that issue. I will come back to you as soon as I have news!

Our apologies for this situation. "

I sent them a follow-up email today.

So another 9 days has passed ~ and even without Brexit and UPS Fairphone’s support via emails has been like this with me over a charging issue, sometimes a few weeks :frowning:

Well, this might very well be on the carrier (UPS).
When I ordered something that didn’t arrive properly, I contacted the company that sent the parcel and it took 3 mails of them and 2 weeks, before the carrier (in this case DPD) sent a response; and not a very helpful one btw. And that was just a national delivery not crossing any border. (Corona is getting at them on all levels.)

Did Fairphone arrange with UPS the pick-up of your parcel? Or did you do it with the data from the rma-form?
Usually the person doing the sending is the one, that can start a search for a lost parcel, while the addressee will get no information at all. I am not so sure in a case like this, where the addressee is paying the bill; or did you even pay for the shipping, to be refunded later?

So, did you contact UPS yourselves?

I am not so sure, that it’s Fairphone and UPS having to sort it out, but I don’t know either.
At least it can’t do any harm, if you go ask UPS. If they reply, that it’s up to Fairphone to start an inquiry, you at least got that point clarified.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


@BertG FP arranged the return and paid for it. I arranged the date for them to collect the parcel from me. FP arranged it through an intermediate company to which the package was addressed.

I have been in contact with UPS who say it is not lost even though the tracking keeps going back and forth in and out of customs which is very suspicious. They initially said it didn’t have copies of the invoice which it did and was approved by the UPS person who collected the parcel.


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