Phone locked suddenly and I can't get my phone out of locked mode

My phone entered suddenly to a lock mode and I can not open it. It shows the lock icon on the top of the screen, and at the bottom of the screen there is a message “cancel lock for all characteristics and data” (I’m translating from Hebrew) and another message below that says “emergency”. I tried turning on and off, connect to a charger, take out the battery, but it remains in this lock mode and I can’t enter anything. When I press the on/off button the screen light up but when I press on any part of the screen it doesn’t responses and after a few seconds it goes back to sleep mode.
Any ideas how to get it out of lock mode?

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Which phone? Which OS?

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Fairphone 3, Fairphone OS, android 10 (latest update)

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I’m not using Fairphone OS currently, but thinking I have seen the text you mentioned somewhere I just rebooted my phone (running /e/) … et voilà, I get the screen you describe.
It’s the usual Android lock screen freshly after the phone booted.

What happens if you simply swipe up on it?

Yes, it looks like the usual Android lock screen, but unlike usually, when I try to swipe up and start using the phone nothing moves. Usually it will open the password screen but right now it simply shows no indication, it’s like I didn’t touch the screen (after a few seconds the screen will turn black - and go back to sleep mode).

Sounds like the touchscreen doesn’t work.
Does it perhaps work again if you turn off the phone (no reboot, really turn it off), wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again?

Else …

If you want to try something yourself, you could remove the display module (optional: carefully clean the contacts with cleaning alcohol) and install it again … FP3(+). Replace a module – Support.

If you happen to have Fairphone Angels in your vicinity, they might be able to offer assistance, if needed.


Looks like that was covered?

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Thanks, I somehow missed it.

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Hi everyone, thanks for the answers. I seem to have managed to fix it, the screen really did not work. I opened the device and there was some corrosion, I cleaned it and when I put the device back together everything works as usual. Thanks everyone for your help.


That’s impressive I may add a tag or two to help people find your resolution.

All the best

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