Phone keeps restarting itself after charging in Uganda

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Hoping someone smarter than me might have an idea!

I’ve just moved to Uganda and since charging my Fairphone 3 the first night in my house here, it has begun to restart itself out of the blue. It does so several times a day, often several times an hour, so it’s a big problem. This has been going on for 5 days now. Can a dodgy power supply cause this, and if so, what is the fix? Given that I’m in Uganda, shipping new parts (battery?) might be difficult…

I lived in the same house with the same phone for 3 months last year and never got this issue then. I suspect it could be also the adapter that I used and I’ve changed that now, but obviously the damage has already been done.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do to get it to work normally while I’m here?

A big thank you in advance to anyone who can give any advice!


Hi and welcome to the community. I assume you added a new/other SIM to the FP3? If yes I would start with checking that it is properly in place, such reboots can be caused by broken or misplaced SIM card.


Thank you for your reply! The sim I use here is the same that I used last year, and it’s been in my phone most of the time since, so thinking that’s not the issue? Or?

In addition to Yvonne’s very good advice, clean internal contacts beginning with those of the battery (both on the battery and in the socket). This includes those of SIM and any SD card. Use a cotton bud and high-percentage (medical use) alcohol or isopropyl alcohol if you can get it.

If you are using a SD card formatted as removable / portable storage, try removing it (turn the phone off and remove the battery first).
If you have a SD card formatted as extension of internal memory, read this.

Lastly, take precautions against humidity and condensation. Avoid taking the phone from dry air-conditioned space out into warm humid environment without precautions.
Consider using an air-tight plastic pocket with a sachet of silical gel, and a Bluetooth headset capable of making and receiving calls.
When in air-conditioned space it’s probably a good idea to keep the phone as warm as possible, for example in clothing pockets, so it’s less cold when you go out and will receive less condensation.


It still does not harm to check that its properly placed in the phone and not somehow loose for some reason. Also a SIM can always break, so you can take it out and see what happens. In my eyes the easisest thing to test in this case😉


Thanks again! Will play around with that and see if the issue goes away :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

Thank you very much! Will keep those things in mind!

Just for completeness sake… if you flashed a rom and didn’t relock your bootloader, something that looks like a charger can in fact be flashing your phone or do all the other things adb can do from your pc. A “computer” can be the size of a thumbnail and can easily be fit into a charger.

Thank you, that is good to know!

Hard-hitting announcement, but possible in principle

but that is the crucial point

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How are you getting on, Emilie? Is the phone still rebooting or have you got it to behave itself better?

I disabled the other sim in my phone which seemed to help! :slight_smile:

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