Phone isnt compatibe with this app

After transfering all the data to my new Fairphone 5 , i noticed that a handfull of apps are not installed.
including Revolut (both personal and business)
I tried searching for the apps in Google play but it says that Phone isn't compatibe with this app which is very strange for a brand new phone.
Has anyone experienced this?

Hi and welcome to the community forum, Bence!

By the number of hits from a web search it seems this is a frequent problem affecting many different phones: revolut app incompatible - Google Zoeken

On their community people get asked to contact the company via social media to get the issue resolved.


Actually force closing playstore and deleting the cache for both Google play and Google services solved the issue , seems that the bug is indeed on google’s side thanks.


Also my Merlin app doesn’t work on my FP5. On my FP3 is works correct. Now the audio cannot be recorded. Is there a solution?

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