Phone is really slow

Hey folks. I don’t seem to even be able to install an app. There seems to be something very strange going on in the background which is zapping all of the processor power and most applications I try to open take ages. I’ve raised a support request with Fairphone but they normally take about three days to reply. I want to back my phone up and restore to factory settings but I’m unable to even do that with the current lagging. It takes about ten minutes just to get to the home screen from a reboot. Argh. So annoying.

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After rebooting, when you go to settings > Apps > Running are there any Apps in the list that shouldn’t be running after startup and may strain the processor?

Maybe booting into safe mode will allow getting backups done. The procedure is explained, for example, here.

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Oh yeah I totally forgot about [Safe Mode][1]! Maybe it’s the fever. :blush:
[1]: ✏ Fairphone Forum Dictionary

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Do you also have similar problems as described here? If nothing else helps, a factory reset could be a solution. But I wouldn’t do this before trying all less annoying options :wink:

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Can’t you simply backup your data with a usb cable?


just to avoid the possibility that it might be the Flash Memory, you may try LagFix: