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I am trying to find a mobile phone insurance provider in the UK but so far have found none that can cover the Fairphone. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks

I have my phone insurance covered through my packaged bank account (with the Co-operative Bank - but not open to new customers). Before you think about buying a specific policy you might want to check you don’t have a packaged account that covers this as I know Barclays, Halifax, Lloyds and others have offered this in the past (and some available now). Also worth checking your home insurance policy to see whether you’re covered for accidental damage, loss and theft of phones both at home and away from home. Note of caution obviously check whether it would affect your no claims bonus as it’s not always worth claiming on home insurance if it increases your premium the next year.

Anyway, that was a long pre-amble…

I know protect your bubble are heavily advertised at the moment, but can’t account for their service unfortunately.

But my advice would be to check Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert site for advice before committing to buy a policy elsewhere - I’ve probably given you some of his advice at the beginning of this post anyway after looking at the link :wink:

Hope that’s a useful start for you!

Thanks for more advice much appreciated :slight_smile:

My bank account doesnt offer it and I dont have home insurance.

I’ll look at protect your bubble. Cover Cloud looked good but I’m waiting
for them to come back to me and let me know if they’d cover Fairphone

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