Phone holder car, what type is recommended?

I am one of those who use the phone as a GPS in the car, but also as a hands-free phone. Due to the location of the microphone, it will be difficult to use a regular phone holder, so I have considered a magnetic holder where a metal plate is glued to the back. There is something electronic with contact points on the back of the plate. Would it be a good idea to glue such a metal plate on the back?

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The back cover contains the NFC antenna, so gluing a metal plate to it might interfere with this functionality. You might not be able to pay wireless with the phone for example.

Ain’t the phone connected to your car stereo system? Then it would use an integrated microphone for talking.

Thank you for the welcome and the answer. Yes I have info center in the car and it is true that it goes over the car speakers.
I should rather look further for a holder that “squeezes” the phone, as it obviously does not matter that the microphone is covered as long as it is the info center that is used

It should also be possible to drill a small hole in the holder, to allow to use the phones mic.

I have not thought about that at all :grinning:
Thank you

A metal plate doesn’t have to cover the back with a good magnetic holder.

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