Phone did not get the update

So today is the last day of the Android 9 rollout as I understand it and my phone hasn’t got the update. I have the latest version of the updater app so I’m wondering what the issue is?

It may not change much for your situation, but could you specify the exact version? That may help later/others in case the absence of an updater app update doesn’t mean one has the latest version. To my knowledge the latest version at the time of writing is 1.50.2


I have 1.50.1. It was updated on 10 March 2021. The apps on my phone automatically update so don’t know how to get a newer one if available.

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I couldn’t find the right version in the google play store, not in F-Droid.
Then I installed through F-Droid the Aurora Store app.
I choose in the Aurora Store app for Anonymous.
And YES I could update the Fairphone Updater to version 1.50.2.
Now the update for android 9 will come, if I wait.

So this means that the update rollout is being controlled by the rollout of the 1.50.2 updater app through Google Play?

I don’t have the update either, and the updater shows latest version in the store. I think around now it would be nice to know officially what is happening :slight_smile:

If I don’t have the update after today I will make a support ticket. Perhaps there is a different way to update other than manually [last I checked the only version available from FP directly is 1.50.1 anyway] or using a third party store.

I have 1.50.1 and no update. What a wind-up! Still, Android 7 is working OK and it’s Fairphone’s job to roll this so I don’t want to have to do it myself through other means. I guess they’ll get it together at some point soon.


Similar discussion is also going on here.

See FAQ here.

Q: When do I get the Update?
A: We are providing the Android 9 in batches - each with a limited amount of users, starting on March 25th, 2021. We expect that all devices still in use shall have received the notification for the update in May, 2021. This controlled roll-out enables us to quickly react to possible bugs and issues that arise in the field.


@ctiecher thank you so much for this information! I hadn’t seen that, it is really informative. I can forget about it for now, it is randomised and ongoing until May.

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Interesting! I could have sworn I read somewhere that everyone would have it by 18th April.

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That’s what they said in the original announcement, and what I expected until I read this extra article.

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April 18th has passed and I had been waiting for the Android 9 update on my FP 2 in vain. Why does the updater still say, that I am up do date with OS 19.11.2 (Android 7.2.1)?

What can I do?

Thanks from Switzerland


Hi Mischa, I moved your post here so that all info on a missed Android 9 updates stays in one place.


Hello there,

My FP2 runs on Fairphone Open 19.11.2 .

I updated the Fairphone Updater to 1.50.1 . It was stuck on 1.3#.# . I cannot remember the exact version.

The Updater does not show an update yet.

Thanks for the hint to the aurora app store.

It would be better if the Updater would handle its updates itself. I don’t mind if the updater is closed source and thus cannot be updated by F-Droid. But if that is the case it should handle its updates itself. Is the FP-Company aware of this issue?

There is no issue. It’s a staged roll out, so if the updater hasn’t arrived until now in version 1.50.2 on your device, you’re still in the waiting queue. That’s intentional.
And as you are running Fairphone open, this is still in the beta phase and isn’t planned to be updated to Android 9 yet.


So there are several issues here.

One is that the Fairphone Open OS is one of the prime reasons for me to use a FP. When I advertise friends the FP I always give the Fairphone Open OS as one of the prime reasons to get a FP after their used phone breaks. Please use your Fairphone Open Software as an advertisement strategy. That is one of the best things about Fairphone in my opinion. A lot of peaple care about privacy. This should be one of the prime factors of software companies who actually care for privacy, because that alone sets them apart and gives us customers a real choice. One should own ones data and be aware of where it is stored and who can see and use it. But how can I advertise this feature if the Fairphone Open OS is neglected?

Second, the Fairphone Updater is not found on the F-Droid Store. The F-Droid Store is the only one preinstalled after the official Fairphone Open OS was installed. Yet the Fairphone updater did not install updates for itself.

There is no Fairphone Open for the FP3(+) at the moment, the FP2 isn’t sold anymore, so this is not a reason to buy a Fairphone, at least for now.

I have no experience, with the F-Droid store, so I don’t know whether it has to be updated en bloc, that means you have to load a new repository every time, or whether apps can be updated independently.

/e/ is available for the Fairphone 2, too …

No, but Fairphone offer the APK to install at Manually update the (Fairphone) Updater App – Support.


I recently received the Update of the Fairphone Open OS. Android 9 is working now on my FP2 =D

Thankyou FP Team! :heartpulse:


Am I still supposed to wait for some kind of notification - before I try to upgrade? The Updater App tried to update - went most of the way and then failed. I had to go for FP2 Manual re-install and this took me back to where I started , ie 19:11:2…When is the last of the rollout planned for? What kind of notification should I expect ?

Try to update the updater app itself.

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