Phone cases too fragile - any recommendations?

I’m really struggling with the fairphone-own digitally printed backing cases. Every single time I remove them I find the cases crack or split - the most recent one I’ve only had for about 6 months and on opening it today the corner just snapped completely off - it wasn’t even cracked first, it just broke away entirely.

I am not a particularly strong/clumsy person, so I’m wondering
a) if anyone can recommend a stronger 3rd party case
b) if anyone can explain how they open the phone in a way that is delicate and doesn’t smash up the standard cases!


Well, there is this instruction for removing the slim-case on iFixIT:

Maybe that helps.
My back cover broke only, when I dropped it.


I think opening at (or as close as possible to) one of the corners – just as in the iFixit instructions – is less damaging than opening in the middle between corners. The latter approach only pulls the case firmer on the corners.


Which color variant? There’s different materials used between different colors.


I always open the case from the corners as recommended in the Fairphone guides; they still break - the last time the corner literally snapped off!

I’ve bought multiple colours, the last two were dark blue and light blue, I can’t actually remember which one I had before that. Maybe I’m getting unlucky.
I’d definitely like to know if there are better third party options because I’m pretty tired of ordering a new case every 6 months - that doesn’t seem very sustainable…

There aren’t alternative options to replace the slim case, but you can add a case around the phone (some links might be outdated):

P.S.: Just to make sure you’re not spending more than you need, here’s the ongoing (until the end of the year 2021) special FP2 slim case discount – just 1€ plus shipping for one slim case:

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OK, that’s frustrating but I guess I don’t have an option but to keep buying their cases each 6 months or so. Doesn’t seem sustainable, still.

Well, that’s strange.
Though I don’t open my phone often enough, that the case could crack every 6 months, this should not happen.
Opening it from the corner, I only lift it just a little bit in one corner and then slide my fingernail down the crack first of the longer side and then the short side, to unhook the back cover. I never lift the back cover completely just from that one corner, like it’s shown in the iFixIT pictures. (Tried it jus now, since it’s quite a few months, that I opened my phone for the last time.)

Maybe that’s something to try (if you didn’t do it like that already).

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I Open my FP2 quite often. I open from a corner, but else I do not care much and I had a cracked case corner after 3 years. In general my phone Drops the floor quite often and I do not use any extra case. So that you have to buy a new case every 6 month ist def Not normal.


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