Phone calls hang up

Hello, my FP2 isn’t working very well as a phone. During a phone call if anyone messages me on text or WhatsApp or Facebook my phone call will end and often switch to aeroplane mode. Is there a way to stop this ?

Can you give some more details about the system you using? Fairphone OS or Open OS or something else?
I experience also weird behaviour like muting the microphone or calling something else on calls on Open OS + microg-services, but didn’t found the cause yet.

I’m getting this problem too, & it’s getting worse. Made some calls last week & the person answering couldn’t hear me at all, ( I have done hardware diagnostics & checked mic - that is not the problem).
Also when I try to callout, what has been happening more & more frequently is an immediate hang-up, so I don’t get any rings at all, & noe new problem: after several tries like this, finally it rings & I get connected, & then it cuts off mid call. Also done diagnostics on proximity sensor. What is the solution, please?
Fairphone OS

You could consider calling Fairphone support (e-mail support seems rather slow currently) or getting in touch with someone helpful near you to perhaps single out a faulty module or else.

I have the fairphone 2 and I’ve updated the latest October software but
call cutting problem is still there. Headphones also don’t work properly
in it. Only one ear (left) will work.

The #fairphoneangels are the best way to receive a helpful answer.

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