Phone broken, Support doesnt answer my issue

During my last vacation my phone somehow broke. First I expected it to be the battery which didn’t like the cold environment (not seriously cold though, about 5 degrees in my jacket). Another reason why I though this is the battery was because I experienced the exact same issue the winter earlier. There I got a new battery and it was working again.
So I filed an issue (#225461) because it seemed the battery design is flawed and I don’t want to buy a new one every winter. After not getting any answer and since I was in need of a working phone I just ordered two new batteries.

As it turned out, the battery isn’t the problem at all. The new batteries were dead after a couple of minutes and the charger is not able to charge anything. I tried several cables and sources, none worked.

What I find odd, is that the charge-mode (which is some separate rom which just shows the charging) is not staying. After a couple of minutes the phone automatically boots and immediately dies after a short time. Then it boots to the charge-mode again and this cycles continues.

I’ve updated my issue accordingly but haven’t received any answer. I knew that response time was supposed to be a little longer but 4 weeks is just fucking insane.

So I am asking here, in the hope some mod might be delighted to look at the issue, or the community can help me out with my question: do I need a new bottom-module? Can this be a software issue? (I don’t want to swap all modules just to figure out the hardware is not responsible).

OS is Fairphone Standard with latest update at January 2018

Any help is appreciated.

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