Phone barely usable after Android 10 upgrade (Spotify, ghost input, voice calls)

I was pretty happy with my Fairphone 3. I even bought the camera update but wasn’t in a mood of installing it because… Since the Android 10 update I’m having so many issues I don’t even know where to start.

  1. I have random ghost inputs multiple times a day (mostly on Chrome but also on my News app, weather or something else). The screen freezes for a second and random inputs start until I restart my phone. Random presses everywhere, flashlight goes on, screen rotates and so on. I love it when it happens while I send money via Paypal -.-

  2. Spotify just stops working randomly or is not controlable anymore (can skip songs or stops playing music mid song). Spotify is one of my most used apps so this really sucks.

  3. Sometimes when I call somebody or get called I can’t hear anything and/or can’t be heard. Other options is that a voice tells me that the number is not available (despite being available).

  4. There we other small things like not being able to turn off my alarm clock and other “smaller” issues.

I’m almost at the point of just using my old crappy android phone again. Is fairphone working on this? Reading through this forum I see a lot of people with tons of different problems since the Android 10 update. Is there a major update in the works or are they just ignoring it?

I think they are working on it, at least I don’t think they are ignoring it at all. It was told on the the forum a camera software upgrade would come, so maybe they are preparing a big update. But I can’t tell you, I don’t work at FP.

Did you have a look at the :pencil2: Known bugs & problems with Android 10? There you might find workarounds for your issues. Edit: Ok, obviously you did see it since you edited the wiki…

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Oh and now I also have the slow charging issue as well. Started a few hours after posting this. I contacted support and will switch back to my old phone. Let’s see if any future updates bring my phone back to usable shape.

I am facing the exact same ‘ghosting’ happening on my phone on a daily basis. Unfortunately I have no solution…The only way for it to stop for me is to click the screen off and unlock it again. It would be great if an update would come that would deal with all the issues.

Did you already have a look at the thread about FP3 touchscreen experiences ghost inputs and its suggested solution? I know your problem is probably related to software, but… you never know :man_shrugging:

Other than the odd bug (e.g. missing notification text on lock screen), I’ve seen almost none of the issues other people are seeing. Some of that I think is maybe I got lucky with my carrier and I’m mostly at home and not making phone calls. However, I think the majority of software issues were avoided because I did a factory reset immediately after installing Android 10. Something to consider if you’re desperate.