Performance of some apps changed

After a factory reset on my Fairphone 2 with OpenOS (latest version) I notice that I have performance issues when starting up or switching to certain apps. The apps seem to hang for a couple of seconds ( ~10) and then perform ok. Specifically these are Whatsapp and DB Navigator (German railways), this did not happen before factory reset on OpenOS as well.

Any way to debug this behaviour, as I suspect it has something to do with certain services not available? I have UnifiedNLP but no other microG apps.


If your problem is related to UnifiedNlp, you should know that it’s currently not working with the lastest version of FP Open OS. But the dev team seems to have a fix, so the next release should solve the problem.
See the bugtracker for more information.


Thank you, pyb. Actually I do not know if it is related to UnifiedNlp, I just wanted to make clear that I have some half-working GApps alternative installed. Is there any way to emulate GApps without really providing the functionality, so the apps do not get distracted?

Well I have two possibles paths in mind :

  • install Open GApps. I can’t give you any clue on this because I try to live without google… but other users here can point to the right documentation ;
  • try to make UnifiedNlp work in your system. You can have a look here, but the last time I recommand a forum user to try this workaround he reported to have messed up his phone, so if you choose to give it a shot, please be careful :wink: … and please note that I will decline any responsability if you come into troubles :wink: .

To be honest I really think that the fix will come soon with the next release, so the best solution IMHO is to wait for it… but I’m in no rush on this feature.

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