✏ B2G beta (formerly Firefox OS)

Well, I could test builds with working cellular data.

if you can help the project, it would better if you send a message to project maintainers.

B2G installer Firefox add-on used to flash your phone with B2G OS is finally available.
B2G installer add-on wiki.


Cool! Could you explain how the creation of the blob free images works? I was not able to compile the normal code (code.fairphone) without blobs.

The file

includes a list “blobs-toinject.txt” of files that needs to be copied from the phone to the new system image.

If this is possible, I wonder how they build the code in the first place. Or do they just remove the bin blobs and created libs after the build? This would be interesting for me to know.

I do not know exactly. For what I understood reading here from a system running Android you can extract driver and useful data in order to build B2G without copyright problems.


I thought so too, but I was not able do just that. They build scripts link stuff and those files gets copied during the compilation process. So in short: the stuff in the bin blobs is not the same stuff that ends up on the phone.

Update: I think these there the files that were modified during the compilation. But I don’t remember that well anymore. But maybe the unmodified files work as well? Maybe not just as good/fast/stable. There are unmodified files for them as well.

lib/libart-compiler.so  (snap in replacement)
lib/libwifi-service.so  (snap in replacement)
vendor/lib (all added from the tar ball, except the stuff mentioned above.)
bin/wcnss_service (snap in replacement)

Some advancements are done. You can read here

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Hey Community! I have been busy the last few weeks. The work to port is done.
Until now only with sibon 2.0.0 but at least that.
B2G is in a pre-alpha state so don’t espect anything to work else than a phonecall. :grin:
The next step will be to work out the blobfree build so you don’t have to download an build yourself.
That will ease all steps. But for now its open for anybody to prof that my work was successfull by following this:


Thanks a lot Novski ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I just have a question before I can try (I’ll have to wait until this week-end) : is it possible to do it with en emulator ? If not (paranoid question), it’s still possible to go back to Fairphone Open, isn’t it ?

Hi spartid, im sorry but i don’t think that you can switch back without to loose your data…
please be aware that it’s totaly unatractive to anybody who is not interested in developing until now.
The only thing that works is a phonecall. No other applicatons are ported yet.
B2GOS is calling for Help to Develop the next generation of OS.
Thats the main reason why i posted it here. In hope to find some Webdevelopers that wold like to see Apps shift towards standard Webapplications.
cheers, Novski

@anon59030904 Of coarse it is possible to go back to FPOSOS/FPOS without loss of data, but you have to perform a backup of your current partitions e.g. using twrp: ✏ Porting TWRP recovery
If you don’t have a microsd-card you can save the twrp backup in the internal storage, copy the twrp directory to your computer and after your trial of B2G OS you can flash back the twrp image, copy back the twrp directory to your internal storage and restore the backup.
@novski When using the blobfree build of Juan at least wifi, bluetooth and the camera also worked fine for me. Sure there aren’t many apps in the marketplace and some of them don’t work with the device but most of them work.

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@novski, @sebastku, I already know how to backup my data with adb, but thanks anyway for the idea of using twrp (that is completely unknown to me) :wink: I’ll flash the build available (the one of Juan, I think), and build with with the instructions of Novski tomorrow.

@sebastku, when using the the build of Juan with Fairphone OS 1.2.8, does the SIM card work ?

The SIM Card works and you can send and receive SMS and Calls, but Cellular Data doesn’t seem to work. I didn’t try it but novski mentioned it, I only have a prepaid SIM so I don’t use Cellular Data.
It doesn’t matter which version of Fairphone OS you use for flashing the blobfree image, because it only copies the blobs from the phone and flashes the new image.

No, it does matter, in fact. Different FP OS versions have different blobs (in quantity and in quality)

Hey @novski, if your blobfull version is the one directly available with B2G-Installer, it works smoothly and you can do a lot more than a phone call (listen to music, transfer files, etc.), although the music application is a little buggy.

There is also sometimes a strange notification that appears : “Channel 50 : Earthquake warning !”. Does anyone know what it means ? Is there something in B2G that can detect earthquakes, or what ?

I also tried the blobfree build of Juan (with Fairphone Open 16.07) and it works as smoothly as your blobfull version, with the same remarks (Music and Earthquakes). So cheers, if I could I would by you some very good beers !

This looks like a cell broadcast (Wikipedia) to me. Usually you’ll get this by SMS if there is something going on within your mobile cell area. Are there frequent earthquakes in your area? :wink:

Hi @anon59030904 the only working B2G-Installer is a old 2.6prerelease version. In that version i remember to have had the same notifications spontaneously.

There has bees some rumors past week.

Mozilla has officaly anounced to kill all code related to B2G in Gecko. That means that there is no way to Boot2Gecko anymore. The folks on https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/c/b2g-os-participation are searching for a different sollution.

For me its clear that i will not follow anymore.
The need of a up to date html engine is to big, and to maintain a browser engine ther will be not enough man-power in the community.
So i decided to burry the project for me.

I think the moderators can lock an archive this topic…
Regards, Novski

Sad to know…

Decoupling those APIs into microservices (e.g. in node.js or Rust, as they are proposing) would be a hard task, but not imposible. Mozilla community is well-known for such massive and arduous tasks of rewriting complex things.
I wish them the best luck, honestly.

@novski What ?? Flûte !! I’m… surprised… I hope they will be able to rewrite, and as @Roboe said, I wish them best luck.

@novski You understood something wrong, It’s still possible to perform new builds of B2G but they pinned Gecko to the last state known good.
Sad to hear that you give up B2G but I can understand your decision.